10 SEM Tips & Tricks from Yours Truly

July 23, 2018

Put simply, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) consists of buying search ads on Search Engines to ensure your business receives top placement on relevant search terms. It’s not about followers, likes, pins, snaps or display ads… It’s more straightforward – Get my page to show up first with relevant consumers!

SEM is very effective for many businesses as it focuses on hot, qualified leads. SEM allows a company to deliver ads to relevant consumers at specific moments when they are searching for a service or product. Businesses pay when customers take action by clicking on their ad or any number of their ad extensions. No clicks means no $$$ spent. We mainly focus on running SEM campaigns within the GSN (Google Search Network) and its respective search partners. Through these SEM campaigns we also track conversions, such as phone calls and purchases driven directly from search ads.

What does it take to begin an SEM campaign? Quite a bit! Here are a few points for starters:

-Define your campaign – take the time to research what relevant revenue streams you want to focus on, and use those to build out your ad groups
-Target the right customers for your product by using the full range of Google’s capabilities (remarketing lists, affinity audiences, the list goes on)
-Use the right keywords – get specific with brand names, relevant search locations and different match types
-Write clear, concise, engaging and appealing ads
-Be hands on – Monitor your campaign as much as possible!
-Allow a 30-90 day launch window for optimizations to take full effect
-Sync as many Google platforms as possible (Analytics, My Business, Merchant Center) in order to take full advantage of Google’s conversion tracking and extension capabilities
-A/B test different bidding strategies, ad copy and keyword targeting to ensure your campaign is always progressing!

As everyone can imagine, the technical side of SEM is very exciting but my favorite part is creating the ads, ones that will drive the consumers to engage with our clients businesses! For me, the key to writing a good ad is a relaxed and open mind. My routine consists of long pensive strolls around our office with the two schnauzers and corgi in tow. I like to turn down the lights and put on Pandora’s Jazz station, not just any jazz, but slow smooth jazz that really makes me relaxed…

The Bottom Line is you’ll love your SEM results as much I enjoy writing creative for your SEM advertising.