10 SEO Tips to Drive Traffic

November 29, 2019

When a company is looking to launch a new website or prepare a website for upcoming promotions, it is best to keep an SEO strategy in mind to maximize traffic. Today I will be sharing 10 SEO tips to drive traffic to your website.

1. Design your website for optimal Page Speed and User Experience. Designing a website that is optimized for both mobile and desktop users will increase traffic, decrease load times, creating a positive user experience for your leads.

2. Perform keyword research. Knowing the terms that your audience is searching for will benefit your SEO when performing various on page optimizations, increasing your website’s organic search visibility.

3. Link Google Analytics to your website. Google offers many tools which will help monitor the performance of your website and help discover any problem areas. Placing the Google Analytics global site tag to your website will allow you to properly link the platforms and provide insight to how your site is performing.

4. Optimize your Meta title. This On-page optimization process will ensure that your site’s title tag is relevant to what your customers are searching for and provides an accurate description of your business and webpage.

5. Optimize your Meta descriptions. This is another optimization process that will accurately describe the page that the customer will land on. Having your description at an optimal length of 155 characters will make sure that all of the page’s information populates in the search engine results page (SERP).

6. Optimize your H1 Tags. Optimizing your H1 tags will help Google’s Algorithm crawl your site and rank your page organically. This is another portion of an On-Page Optimization Strategy.

7. Optimize your website’s copy. Optimizing your website’s copy with relevant terms found in your keyword research will also help Google’s crawling process. This will increase your page’s visibility and help increase your organic traffic.

8. Content management. Updating your website with relevant content regularly will increase your website’s rankings and search visibility, leading to more traffic.

9. Optimize your images. Performing image optimizations to the images on your website will help boost traffic for various reasons. First, the file size of your images can have a significant impact on how quickly your page loads. This is important because incoming traffic will bounce out of your website if it takes too long to get to the content that they are looking for. Additionally, optimizing your image filenames and alt tags will help Google’s crawling process in identifying what the image on the website is.

10. Perform Local SEO optimizations. Updating and managing a company’s information on directory listings will improve your organic traffic by funneling in customers who are informed on where your business is, what your business specializes in, and your business’ hours of operation.

Following the 10 tips mentioned above will not only help drive traffic to your site, it will have your website in good shape to take advantage of all of your digital marketing efforts.