2017…Call Us Maybe

January 20, 2017

Maybe 2016 wasn’t so bad.
Maybe it was the best ever in certain categories.
Maybe all the years going forward will just be better.
Maybe this is the year we make our work places cozy second homes, where we nail our business goals, pull together as a team and make our customers realize that we love working for them.
Maybe we disregard political spin and call a big “Bullshit” on the nasty negative division of our people.
Maybe we talk less and do more good.
Maybe we volunteer more than ever.
Maybe we find our spirit and help those around us find theirs.
Maybe we move our bodies more than ever.
Maybe we try NOT to say “Let’s do it like last year” and break some new ground with a BIG ASS Jackhammer!
Maybe we find our grade school best friend on Facebook and tell them we have missed them.
Maybe we become the most polite considerate people on the plane.
Maybe we see if we can still actually write with a pen and send one handwritten letter a month to someone who needs it.
Maybe we realize our business needs inspection, reflection and innovation. Maybe we go at it like never before!
Maybe we unplug the TV for the summer with the exception of Walker Texas Ranger reruns, 3 stooges Marathons and baseball games.
Maybe make our own list like this.
Maybe we turn “Maybes” into “Definitely’s”, “Absofrickinlutely’s”, “Oh Yeahs” and “I got this baby’s”!
OK I’ll break from the annoying “maybes”.

As a marketing team we know a few things:
     – This is a year to DISRUPT your audience
     – This is a year to make them talk about you like never before
     – When you’re the best place to work, you’ll be the best place to shop. Please write this one down, we did!
     – Digital marketing has to be a part of your plan, there’s no waiting.
     – Social media needs to stop bragging and engage!
     – Did I mention disruption?
     – Did I define disruption?
          • Definition 1: To break from gray to fuchsia, meat loaf to seared Ahi, friendly knowledgeable sales staff to passionate people-pleasin’ pros.
          • Definition 2: Smashing with fervor the dull, mundane, braggadocios barrier with the precision and effectiveness of a poison blow gun dart to the neck.
     – When you’re the best place to work, you’ll be the the best place to shop.
     – Sometimes saying things twice helps drive a point home.
     – This is the year to DISRUPT your audience.
     – Did I mention disruption?

Let’s make this a year!