2020 vs. 2021: The year of the blissful expectant vs the year of the harsh realist

July 9, 2021

2020 vs. 2021: The year of the blissful expectant vs the year of the harsh realist

A story in memes by Natasha Valdes

January 2020: Catching ‘flights not feelings’ – planning a birthday trip like:

January 2020

January 2021: Catching too many feelings and not enough flights – binging yet another stupid Lifetime Original movie like:

January 2021

February 2020: Living my best life on said birthday trip like:

February 2020

February 2021: More than satisfied celebrating my birthday with; the leftover Chinese food in my fridge, a bottle of cheap Trader Joe’s wine, and my favorite trash reality tv like:

February 2021

March 2020: Realizing that I’ll be working remotely. Creating a strict, responsible and beneficial schedule for myself like:

March 2020

March 2021: Rolling over, opening my laptop and Uber-eating coffee from my bed 5 minutes before I’m supposed to start work like:

March 2021

April 2020: Thriving, getting 45 minutes of physical activity and cooking every meal daily like:

April 2020

April 2021: Barely functioning off 4 cups of coffee, an advil, and a random year-old granola bar I found in the back of my pantry because I was too lazy to grocery shop like:

April 2021

May 2020: Daily journaling, focusing on self-care, and getting to sleep early to have a productive day tomorrow like:

May 2020

May 2021: Rolling off the couch at 1pm to go to McDonald’s in my last clean pair of leggings, knowing my mask and oversized sunglasses will disguise me from anyone I may know like:

May 2021

June 2020: Looking forward to the holidays because I know the pandemic will be over by then like:

June 2020

June 2021: Seriously considering booking a plane ticket to get out of town because the last thing I want to do is be bombarded with questions by my nosey aunt Lisa about what I’ve done the last year during Christmas Dinner like:

June 2021

July 2020: Optimistic that the pandemic will change me for the better because I’ve had so much time to self-reflect like:

July 2020

July 2021: Impressed with myself that I survived the pandemic, knowing that if I can survive that I can survive another bad first date like:

July 2021