4 Reasons Why You Can’t just “Like” Your Advertising These Days… You Gotta Love It!

February 18, 2021

4 Reasons Why You Can’t just “Like” Your Advertising These Days… You Gotta Love It!

Is your advertising in need of a little good ole lovin’? Here are a few reasons why you should be more involved with your advertising today!

1. If you don’t… No one else will!

Authenticity is king and consumers are more educated than ever; equipped with all the resources needed to make the best decision for them when it comes to acquiring a new product or service. If you are not invested in your advertising, that usually indicates your story is not being told accurately and your brand is getting lost in the shuffle. People know what they want, and for the most part, know what’s real from what’s not. Don’t let yourself fall behind!

2. More opportunities than ever

There once was a time where you could only advertise through print mediums. Then came radio and TV. Then came Google. Then Facebook & Instagram. Now you can advertise through audio and video streaming, YouTube and more. The opportunities are endless when it comes to finding touchpoints with your consumers, with more and more content on ad platforms available each day.

3. Higher level of competition than ever

With opportunity comes competition, and with competition comes opportunity. The more avenues that open up for advertisers to reach the right consumers, the more advertisers there are that want to get in on the game. And with an increase in advertisers, the cost of advertising becomes more affordable (basic supply/demand model) and in turn creating more opportunities for businesses to advertise.

4. It’s more about relationships than products

Too often a time we run in to advertisers that have lost sight of what advertising is really all about. They’ve convinced themselves that it’s more about selling stuff, and less about building relationships… reality is quite the opposite. Your advertising is reaching real people with real needs and desires. Finding a way to communicate the value of a product or service, in a manner which is both authentic and disruptive, is what makes advertising and marketing such an awesome field.

The bottom line – Advertising rocks, but only if you rock it!