4th Quarter Musts for Retailers: 

September 20, 2018

The 4th quarter holiday retail craze is upon us at Bottom Line Marketing! We’re in full production, design & media buying mode over here. One of our new team members asked if we could buy bunk beds for the office….dot dot dot (I just looked on amazon)

Here are Top 10 4th Quarter Tips for Retailers:

1) Tip #1: Run a sales contest for your staff and keep them accountable every single day. Encourage them with positive affirmations, surprise them with a team lunch on a Saturday, work with your vendors on a larger monthly spiff if you hit a team goal.
2) Tip #2: Capture Data! Find out from every customer where they came from! Send all NEW customers a handwritten thank you letter with an offer to come back.
3) Tip #3: Personally reach out all customers who bought in 4th quarter last year. Invite them in for a private appointment or special buying event just for them!
4) Tip #4: Pull your top 1,000 customer list. Have a private holiday party the first Thursday in December. Have it catered, offer a discount. Wine & Dine your customers so they won’t shop anywhere else.
5) Tip #5: Best the BEST place to work! Share sales, highlights & success stories with your team. They are your front lines, treat them like it. If you’re store hits 10% above budget, everyone gets a _____. (Insert reward here)
6) Tip #6: DIRECT MAIL WORKS. Personalized direct mail works even better. Use your mailing list and co-op from vendors to send specials and offers in the mail. Get ahead of your competitors! And before you tell me you don’t want to give a special offer away, remind me the last time you paid full price for something. (& don’t say Louis Vuitton)
7) Tip #7 Bring your TOP customers in to show them NEW holiday products and get their opinion. “You are such a loyal customer I would love your advice on this new line!”
8) Tip #8: Paper Angels. Partner with a paper angels local charity. Pick a paper angel, get $50 off your next purchase. Care more about the paper angels than people using their $50.
9) Tip #9: Use social media to help push aged inventory! WAS and NOW holiday pricing. First come first serve. “We only have one of these beautiful rings…..”
10) Tip #10: HAVE FUN. Be in it to win it, but HAVE FUN. Life is short. You get one shot at making this your best life. So seriously, have fun. If its no fun, go find something that is fun.

May this 4th quarter bring you health, wealth & happiness.

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