5 Holiday Trends You NEED to Know!

August 21, 2020

It’s an “Add to Cart” kind of year…

This year has brought a ton of change into our everyday lives. These changes have caused consumers to form new habits, which will reshape the holiday shopping season.

I am here to talk about the updated 2020 Facebook & Instagram holiday trends that were just released based on Facebook’s research. As a Facebook Agency Partner, we can gain access to a ton of research they gather, which can help us shape our recommendations to our clients. Here is a small piece of the data Facebook gives us access to!

Insight #1: Gen X & Boomers dominate the global mobile and eCommerce growth, and Millennials say they will continue to shop online even after the pandemic.

We have always known that e-commerce was a growing need for consumers with companies like Amazon continuing to shape the world of online shopping. However, COVID-19 has sped up the process tremendously. On average, 85% of people globally are shopping online, averaging over 80% of Gen X and Boomers.

You may say to yourself, “This is just because of the pandemic, people will go back to normal once this is over,” BUT when surveyed, 43% of people said they expect to continue to shop online even more after the outbreak is over.

The solution here is easy; it may take some work on your end, but it is a simple answer: create an easy-to-navigate online shopping experience. Make sure when a consumer hits your website they do not need to be an investigator to find your available jewelry. Work with an amazing website partner (we know a few options if you need some guidance!) and build your online store as a virtual storefront. Having a great website with all of your products will also allow you to tag your product in all of your social media posts!

Insight #2: Self-gifting and seasonal shopping can be positive outlets in difficult times.

This year through difficult times consumers are finding simple pleasures to help keep themselves positive and we have seen an increase in self-gifting. 74% of global shoppers surveyed said they are researching gifts for themselves more during this holiday season.

This increase in research for self-gifting allows for us as advertisers to utilize the power of social media advertising. Showcase your newest collection with great photos or videos on your feed and story. Tell your consumers to “drop a hint” to a loved one or ask them which is their favorite from three different fashion pieces. Make the promotion of your product fun for them, but ALWAYS either tag the product in the post or mention what the “featured product” is within the caption. This will not only allow the consumer to be engaged with your product, but also be influenced to shop.

Insight #3: Imposed disruption fuels receptiveness to new products and services.

Although this pandemic was a disruption no one wanted, it has pushed consumers out of their comfort zone and into an openness to new ways of shopping and receiving products. Whether that be grocery delivery or curbside pickup, consumers are getting more comfortable with new products, services, and activities that offer more convenience.

64% of seasonal shoppers surveyed said they are planning to explore new products during the holiday this year more than previous years. This means more than ever that this holiday season we need to put focus on finding new local consumers who are interested in your products. Going after new clients does not mean we forget about your past clientele at all; we will need to put a budget behind reminding your past consumers why they should stay loyal to your store.

This year has also brought an increase in local pride with 68% of shoppers surveyed said they prefer to see advertising in the local language when shopping this holiday season. So, when creating advertising or posts or anything to promote your store, make sure it is authentic and real. Consumers want to feel safe with your brand; they do not care about whether the picture is perfect or your script for your video was memorized. They want to see the REAL product & service they will be getting when shopping with you.

Insight #4: The economic downturn will expedite the rise of mega sales.

We should not expect a decrease in spending this year. 60% of Americans surveyed said that they expect this pandemic to have little to no effect on their personal/household finances.

One in three shoppers are looking for a product to go on sale. What consumers are looking for is a local sales event where they can visit a local business and shop quality product; this does not have to include a major discount. This event could include special financing or a new/special collection to entice consumers to shop. 67% of high spenders say they have shopped during a local sales event in the past. Consumers need an incentive that will drive them to choose you over another competitor.

Another thing to note is when we say “event” this may be an in-store event or an online virtual event through Facebook Live. This depends on the market you are in. Our clients have seen a huge increase in the willingness to shop during a Facebook Live or online auction due to the convenience and safety of being home.

Insight #5: The new value equation: affordability, authenticity, and action.

Holiday shoppers might be a little more price-sensitive this year, but when asked what kinds of content they want to see from businesses on Facebook platforms, they responded by saying real, authentic, and informative content was as important as sales or offers.

This holiday season is going to be more than just advertising what great offer you have right now; it is going to be proving that you are the right local business that consumers should spend their money with. Showcase your staff and your values on social media now more than ever this year. Do not hesitate to be authentically you (as long as you are not discussing sensitive topics). Partner with other local businesses for package offers or show off your sense of pride in your community by giving back. These small additions to your normal advertising campaigns will help boost your creditability this year.

The bottom line: This year is going to feel and be completely different from the holiday seasons that we are used to. So, we as advertisers or business owners will need to adapt. As you start to think of what you want to offer this holiday season think of these three general considerations: DO consider the context when telling stories or advertising, DON’T be afraid to celebrate just be aware of your market, and TRY breaking traditions and exploring new territories.

As always, we are here to help you through this difficult time. Don’t feel as if you have to take it all on by yourself. Contact your Account Manager to start the conversation or if you haven’t started working with us reach out to gus@bottomlineblack.com to learn how we can help!