5 Things You Didn’t Know About BLM

April 23, 2021

5 Things You Didn’t Know About BLM

When looking for a job, many boxes need to be crossed off. Not just for personal growth but for also being able to grow professionally. Starting at Bottom Line, I was excited to experience the culture and dive deep into the world of digital marketing. As time went by, I began to learn more about those that I work with and the amazing service we offer that astound me.

Customer Service Is Always Number 1 At Bottom Line

Customer service is always important for a business. Here at Bottom Line, it isn’t so much that the customer is always right but rather how we can continue learning with them and growing. We strive to give our best foot forward, but if there is ever a question or a suggestion, their whole team gets ready to help. As the term goes “All hands-on deck”. At the end of the day, it is all about how we can make sure that our clients are always happy with not just results but feedback and customer service.

Our Digital Team Is Not Outsourced

As I mentioned before, I was excited to continue to grow in digital marketing, and here at Bottom Line, nothing is outsourced. We understand that some businesses like to outsource certain projects or aspects of the business, but that takes away from the client experience. Since our whole team is in-house, our clients can call me in digital, Melany in SEO, or Taylor in traditional to get all the answers they need! This personalized service helps us understand exactly what our clients need while they feel confident in who we are.

Our SEO Is Far Superior to Others

Digital comes with many parts; more than just paid to advertise, there is organic growth. This comes with content constantly being produced and pages being updated on the backend with keywords. Of course, there is much more involved, but I am always surprised with all the research they continuously read and the new ideas that they implement. The users are constantly changing along with the search engine platforms, but our SEO team never misses a beat!

You Will Never Have A Better Video Crew

Videos are important for ads, content, and even just to showcase in a store. They recreate experiences or allow you to be a part of something bigger. Our video crew is all fun in the office, but there is just a shift when they get on the set. Focused, calm, and a strong attention to detail that shines when they are in the zone. They see things through the consumer’s eyes but with a creativity that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. If you are thinking about adding some video content to your media plan, Robert and Francisco are your guys!

Relationships That Are Built To Last

I spoke a lot about the great job that my teammates do, but I can’t forget about their overall character. I have built relationships at Bottom Line that I will forever be grateful for, and I can’t thank them enough. Such amazing friends I have made in the time that I’ve been here, and it just shows how great the culture truly is. It is always hard work during the day but boy are we a fun crowd after hours!

In the end, Bottom Line still continues to surprise me with new ideas and opportunities that I wouldn’t have expected but am so happy to have experienced.