Company Culture. Do you walk the talk you talk?

October 16, 2020

Company Culture. Do you walk the talk you talk?

Company Culture. Do you walk the talk you talk?

You’ve seen the email signatures from corporations “ Voted 2019 Wisconsin’s Best Place to Work….” Sometimes I wonder… are you though? Are you a great place to work? Because what makes a great place to work for one person, is completely different to someone else.

Here is what I know for sure about company culture.

PSA: It’s not the 1970s. We don’t have secretaries and weekly pay anymore.

Paid time off is earned, not a privilege, nor should it be micromanaged. Company benefits are a perk to come work but talent outweighs company benefits tenfold. If you want good talent in your business, you better bring more than benefits. Bring a culture full of love, kindness, and profitability. Bring ownership and management that outworks everyone. Buy lunch. Share good news about the business. Delegate projects to entry level employees so they feel empowered to take on more. Call them teammates and not employees, who wants to be an employee? Leading with fear creates toxicity. Toxicity turns to cancer and cancer spreads really fast within an organization. Give people the chance to shine and be their best selves. Your customers will notice, your business will be better and brighter for it.

Here are 5 things that are going to happen after you create an amazing work culture:

Your team won’t care if they have to work late. Work doesn’t feel like “Work” when they love it.
Your team won’t mind answering their email on a saturday. If it’s urgent, they will want the responsibility of being in charge of important roles.
You will notice your team will start to bond together outside of work. Hire people that will fit in with the culture, and soon you’ll have created a positive CULT-ure!
Your clients and customers will notice the vibe from your business. People like to do business with people they LIKE. You’re going to become likeable.
You’ll learn that as a business owner YOU will become less important, because the stuff you used to do, well below your pay grade, is being handled by champions and not employees. Your time is now your own. You are welcome.

Where is the first place to start? Sometimes it’s cleaning house. HIRE slow, fire fast. Hire the people you want in YOUR culture. Do you have “employees” that clock in, clock out and just exist? Start over. You’re doing everyone a favor. Find those individuals that will become champions for you, you will thank yourself for building a TEAM and not a STAFF.

Today someone asked me “What makes you most proud about BLM.” Thats easy. It’s our culture. It’s an open door policy company wide. Our team doesn’t look at their next vacation day as freedom. It’s the ability to give people big projects and watch them shine. We aren’t perfect, we have our fair share problems, but we get family business, and this place is a solid freaking family!

Go build a family inside your company.

With Love,
Kendall Kennedy