The Imperfect Family: Kendall Kennedy

August 16, 2019

My first baby has always been bottom line. I’ve watched us grow from my Dad starting our company in our guest bedroom when I was 14 years old to today, almost 40 employees and growing. Chad and I cry tears of joy often for the pride we feel daily for this place we call home. Wow, it feels good to be home again.

My second baby was born May 29th. Her name is Grace Ashley Kennedy, named after two of the strongest, kindest and most inspirational women Chad and I personally know. Cue the honesty: These 11 weeks of maternity leave were the hardest, most terrifying weeks of my life. Grace entered into the world two weeks late via c-section, completely against my dreams of having an unmedicated childbirth. Speed up to five weeks later I had an emergency gallbladder removal and stent placement for the damage done to my bile ducts. “Giving it to God,” got me through a time where I felt my body was failing me, I was failing Grace as a mother, and my first baby BLM was without a ringleader. My Maternity leave was not flowers and sunshine, but let me tell you, this little baby girl is my greatest gift. I can’t wait to share her with the world.

I owe “Thank you” to a lot of people while I’ve been out. The first is to my mother. You are always here when the going gets too tough. I hope I can pay it forward and do for someone what you have done for me these past three months. Thank you mom.

Thank you to BLM Florida, every single one of you. To Victoria, thank you for watching our baby when you have never watched a baby in your life, that is bravery. To Gus and Ashleigh, the fort that you held down while I was away was incredible. You both amaze me. To Lauren and Jessie, you make me cry. I didn’t know friendship could run this deep, thank you for showing me light in a very dark room. Thank you Julia, you have singlehandedly exceeded all of my expectations and more, you’re wickedly talented. To Taylor, you’re a beast, thank you for being the best example of a true team player. To Lena, your faith and love has made me want to be a gentler and kinder human being. Thank you.

Thank you to our entire office and entire company for backing me up while I spent time setting Grace up for a life of unconditional love.

Thank you to my clients for your patience. I am so ready to find my identity within the four walls of this fantastic advertising agency you call Bottom Line Marketing.

Finally, thank you to Chad. Thank you for teaching me how to change a diaper. Thank you for picking me up off the floor more than once. Thank you for keeping this ship afloat at home and work while I’ve been away.

We have an imperfect family here at BLM, but our customers let us wake up every day and create for them and our staff puts everything into their workweek and more, from the bottom of this new mama’s heart, THANK YOU!