A Blog about Blogs

April 24, 2020

I’ve been writing and creating stories ever since I could hold a pencil.

My mom would catch me hiding in our computer room, lights off, completely engrossed in a story that I prayed would one day become a New York Times Best Seller.

Flashforward to adulthood, and now the opportunity to blog for our clients at Bottom Line has been such a blessing. Every website needs content, and I am so excited to put my love of writing into action and give our clients what they need. This blog about blogs focuses on how blogging can truly help your business and digital footprint in the long run!

Why do we need blogs, you ask? Well, consumers are desperate for information; so much so, that they take their questions directly to Google. Some of the most searched questions on Google include:

“When is Mother’s Day?”
“How to lose weight fast?”
“How to make a pizza?”
“Where can I buy (insert item)?”

With so many impending questions, your business has the opportunity to provide the answers. Blogging is the best way to speak directly to your consumers on a topic you are passionate about and provide the answers they are searching for.

Google’s mantra is to provide the right search at the right time. If you are blogging on a regular basis, in Google’s eyes, you are a star. You are creating relevant content that helps Google answer consumers’ inquiries every time someone hits that “search” button. That’s why, you need to play the blog game!

Creating blogs that focus on a centralized topic, whether it be trending bridal jewelry, Mother’s Day gift items, or unique proposal ideas are necessary to engage readers. Writing blogs that include specialized content, photos, and links to pages on your site is a great way to not only provide information for your current (and future!) customers, but to also help your website organically rank on search engines.

Implementing a strong blogging strategy will help you appear when someone is searching for your services. Take a look at your business and think about what your ideal customer wants to read. Do you provide a cleaning service? Great! Consider writing a piece about “Top 5 Ways to Clean Your Kitchen.” Do your research and use specific keywords in your post that consumers are searching for. Not only will your piece potentially appear organically, but in doing so you’re letting Google know “Hey, I’m the expert on this topic! I know my services, so I am going to write about them and tell the world!”

Blogging works in many ways to help your overall digital marketing strategy. It provides engaging content for consumers as they browse your website, it lets Google know that you have the answers to their most-searched questions, and it provides extra content to push out on social media platforms. At the end of the day, content is king, so make sure you don’t miss the blogging boat! And that’s the Bottom Line!