A Copywriter’s Paradise

January 17, 2020

Howdy! My name is Bo. I’m the new guy here at Bottom Line Marketing.

For many a moon, I’ve peddled my prose in this strange and wonderful advertising landscape. I’ve written for health & wellness companies, retail giants, fitness companies, grocery stores, weight loss companies, mom & pop shops and beyond… What keeps me coming back? The incredible opportunity to learn new industries and synthesize their stories into compelling, neatly-packed media bites for the world to snack on.

Sounds tasty, right? Well, thanks to the ultra-talented professionals at BLM, those little bites taste even better. In fact, when considering my next professional move, the peeps at BLM were a huge factor. Not only do we have the best artists, craftiest planners and most kickass managers… But, the best people. And that’s damn important. Especially considering we often spend more time with co-workers than we do with family.

Aside from the fact that I love saddling up with the BLM squad, I also understand the importance of each person’s craft in relation to mine. Good creative can only become great when the right people collaborate. But, that’s just one of many explanations as to why Bottom Line Marketing is such a special place. Another is because we make work enjoyable. If you couldn’t tell from the cute, hilarious (in my case, embarrassing) kid pics on our website and business cards… We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Actually, that sentiment is pretty rare in this industry. Bottom Line Marketing’s lack of pretension is impressive, if not outright unprecedented.

A huge reason that I’m grateful for my position at BLM is our rogues gallery of incredible clients. Now, don’t take that characterization the wrong way. I’m not saying our clients are a bunch of nefarious ne’er-do-wells. I’m saying that we have a stunning list of intelligent and driven people that allow us to work with their brands. This eccentric collection of personalities is what drives our day-to-day operations. Everything we do is centered around getting the word out and bringing money back in. Our clients are our heartbeat. When they care about a thing, we care about that thing. When they want to say something, we help them say it. As such, I get to write all sorts of cool stuff… copy for Billboards, TV, Radio, Websites, Emails… The list goes on.

If that doesn’t sound like a copywriter’s paradise to you… then you probably aren’t a copywriter. But it does make me wonder… What would a copywriter’s paradise actually look like? Would there be waterfalls of coffee? Big puffy idea clouds constantly moving overhead? An army of designers ready to draw at a moment’s notice? 48 Hours in a single day? Music echoing off the mountain tops? Roaring rivers of fine Mexican lager?

Wait, what the hell am I writing about? Where am I? Who am I?

Oh, that’s right… I was composing a strongly-worded email to Jackie and Ryan about why Stone Cold Steve Austin should be the official mascot of Bottom Line Marketing. And that’s the bottom line… Cause Bunny Bo said so!

P.S. I’m the only Colorado native in the Denver office. Do with that information what you will. Just don’t draw any parallels between it and the inconsistent use of cowboy vernacular throughout this blog.