A Day in the Life of Your Girl Fitz!

April 19, 2018

Well, well, well…. Where do I start? I’m Rachel… Fitz… and some of you may know me as “Thank you for calling Bottom Line Marketing, this is Rachel speaking”. I have survived loved my first month as the newest member on the BLM Florida team.

Since joining this ever-growing family, I am proud to say that I have learned more than I could ever have imagined. For instance, I have become a message taking pro, learned where every post office in Palm Beach County are located, and most importantly, advertising basics.

Around here, our day usually begins with a quick morning meeting to go over everyone’s agenda. These get-togethers are accompanied by lots of coffee, and occasionally a dozen donuts.

By (early) mid-day we all tend to get a bit “hangry”. Lunchtime is taken very seriously at our office. Once the clock strikes noon, you can find us at the lunch table, laughing, gossiping, and sharing stories… until the phone rings.

If you visit the Florida office around 1pm, it will most likely smell like fresh, delicious Cuban coffee. Special thanks to Gus for our afternoon pick-me-up. Then the 3pm “we need chocolate” hits. Luckily, we have added an “easy bake oven” to our office kitchen, which conveniently fits a sheet of 9 chocolate chip cookies. Who doesn’t want to end the day with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies? Can you tell we like food around here?

The advertising world is not what you would expect. I did not realize how much time, creativity, patience, and love is put into every single piece of work that we produce. The creativity in this company is amazing and I am so happy that I found this company, or better yet, the BLM Family chose me.

I have been given tasks that I was not sure I would be able to accomplish, but I DID!

I am looking forward to many more challenges that I will be given, along with growing my knowledge with all things advertising! #blmlife