A Dose of a Day in the Life of a Designer: Seeking Inspiration

September 27, 2019

Inspiration is all around you. I just have to open my eyes and let it in. I need to be observant of the world around me, how it works, and why it’s affecting me. I soak in the ideas around me because observation of the world is the biggest contributing factor for my inspiration. As a graphic designer, I’m tasked with inspiring others in my designs; to be honest, feeling inspired can be a fleeting feeling when putting yourself creatively head-first into your work every day. This is when inspiration is crucial to me and my growth. It shows me what I aspire for and provides me a compass needle of insight and direction to that point.

When the dark times in the inspiration-less abyss fall upon me, I resort to other people and platforms. I follow the ideas that inspire me, the people that stimulate me and make my world serve me for my needs. Everyday I fill my needs with what makes me tick.

Let’s go through my social media feed…

Cutesy cats with top hats in the morning?

Awesome, throw it in the mix. Let’s start the day light.

Unique Advertising campaigns?

Smart. Let’s apply some guerilla marketing to the pot.

Inspirational Quotes?

Love it. Let’s add some depth to the day.

Brands in the Industry

Just Dang. Let’s work this in for some of my clients.

Anything that stops my eye.

The bottom line: I may not be a great writer. I may not know how to boost a social post or compose a jingle. But I am inspired by the world around me, which allows me to create graphics to the best of my ability so that you can make your bottom line black.