A kick-off to the Holidays @ BLM

October 2, 2020

Welcome to Q4 everyone… and my most favorite time of the year, HOLIDAY SEASON! I may be drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte as I type!

This is the most magical time where all of our clients strive to achieve a successful end of year! This year we look forward to the holidays even more, I mean New Year’s EVE couldn’t come any quicker. 2020 has not been an easy year, but we have watched our clients maneuver through lots of challenges and continue to be positive. My hope for our clients is that Q4 is filled with so much success and that they round out 2020 proud of everything they have accomplished!

This is the time at BLM where there’s never enough coffee, heads are down, and we are ready to WORK! We know how important these next few months are, and we make sure we buy the lowest CPP during holiday programming, and of course I can’t wait for all the Hallmark Christmas movies. The Social ads have all the sparkle to promote every Black Friday promo. Our SEM ads are optimized for the best conversions and top of page bids. As the office and traffic manager, I get to work with everyone in the company and see their hard work pay off!

For me the Holidays are so special. I may be the one that gets a little too excited and puts my Halloween decorations out in September and my Christmas decorations in November AND I wouldn’t change it for a thing. Our offices may be far apart, but we all bring the Holiday cheer. We make sure to have a few Holiday potlucks, share festive cheer, and a gift exchange for two. Our company culture is extremely important to us and so we always celebrate our wins and have each other’s back during tough times.

The Bottom Line is this holiday season remember to take the time to say an extra thank you, send that hand-written note, give back to others and most importantly KICK ASS.

Happy Q4

Happy Holidays

Happy Halloween

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Hannukah

Happy Christmas

Happy Kwanzaa