A Message from Your Friendly Neighborhood Interns

August 31, 2018

Hi! We’re Lily & Ian, aka the interns in the Florida & Michigan offices. With a combined total of over two years working at Bottom Line, we’ve definitely learned and seen a lot! So, before we inform you of all the amazing work we do, let’s give you a brief intro. We’re both going to be Seniors in college who will graduate with degrees in Communication Studies. We both love talking to people and ended up in the disruptive industry of advertising. Ian is a total outdoorsman and loves photography (IG & FB: @ianehphoto). Lily (Lil Pickle) just plays a lot of tennis! Aside from what we do in the outside world and in school, you may be wondering what we do at work. We’ll tell you!

We like to refer to ourselves, not so much as interns, but as Social Media Specialists. At this point, we know quite a bit about social media. It all starts with a graphic. If it doesn’t come from our amazing graphic design team, we do it ourselves through Photoshop. Once we create the graphic that we want, we then write the copy to go along with it. This copy describes what we want the consumer to know, such as a specific sale that a business is having or maybe something funny or thought provoking to create engagement. After we write the copy, we post it to the page. From this point we go into our Facebook Ads Manager. This is where the magic happens. First, we decide how much money we want behind the post. Second, we decide the amount of time during which the post is boosted. Typically, a Facebook post will run for 1-3 days depending on how much money is allocated to the sponsored post. Third, we select our audience. An example audience for a jewelry store would be people living in Marquette, Michigan with a 50 miles radius, ages 25-65+, engaged shoppers interested in jewelry, shopping, and individuals in a relationship. Facebook will then deliver our post/message to people who fit these criteria.

We also run campaigns or Facebook Ads (dark posts). These posts won’t be seen on our businesses Facebook pages/Instagram. However, they will be seen by the consumers when they are scrolling through their Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds. Dark posts are meant to run longer than normal posts (typically a month long) because we want our selected audience to see our messages more than once. Ideally, the more times a consumer sees a message the more likely they will be to visit that store or purchase a product.

All in all, everything we just told you we do keeps us super busy during the week. We create graphics, create copy, boost posts and launch ads, and manage Facebook & Instagram pages, all while doing so with a smile. Apart from learning about social media, we’re a full-service advertising agency and have learned so much about jingles, radio, & television production as well as media buying and traffic. There’s so much that goes into running an advertising agency and each department in our company helps contribute to the strong unit we are that produces the best work we can for our clients. We love learning and growing with this company and can’t wait to see where it goes and where we end up too. Thanks to Bottom Line for giving us these amazing opportunities to grow and to you for listening to our TED Talk! -Lily & Ian