A Year in Review – Chad Kennedy

December 11, 2020

A Year in Review – Chad Kennedy

Whatever I say about 2020 is an understatement it seems.  As a world, we will talk about 2020 for the next several decades and we will reflect on this for over a century.  As we come to the close of the year it is time that we as people take stock of what has occurred and will spend countless hours writing on, reflecting on and talking about it.  As a person who wants the best for others , I ask everyone else to think about these things, debate them and hope for a better 2021, but as a business owner I want to take a few minutes to talk about 2020 from a positive perspective, because there is one, I promise. 

It seems as if we were all blindsided near the beginning of the year as news of the pandemic started spreading.  The real impact for us began in March as it became clear there was going to be a significant impact in the United States.  Like so many of our partners in business we were expecting big things in 2020…well we got big things just not quite the big things we had planned on.  (We didn’t run out of TP, did you?) 

As I think back on the year, I can’t believe how great the customers, staff and vendors that we are surrounded by reacted.  At Bottom Line, our staff buckled down to do what it took to communicate with clients and ensure that we appropriately managed their advertising dollars and worked on new messaging for our partners about their immediate needs and future plans. I witnessed three offices come together to do what is best for our clients at an incredibly fast pace.  As the pandemic took hold and stay at home orders were issued, everyone came together to determine how we quickly move from being at the office and communicating constantly to being at home and keeping those same communications up at the same level. 

It wasn’t just our staff that did a kick ass job, but our clients as well.  Our clients kept positive attitudes throughout and constantly worked with us to come up with creative ways to continue doing business. Whether it be screaming “Here is how to shop with us,” or us taking their sales to the internet, or creating campaigns “ Shop at stores with DOORS…”  It worked then, it’s working now and it’s going to work in 2021. Those who want to succeed, will. 

In addition, some of our customers dealt with looting yet continued to manage to keep a positive attitude. The year 2020 has been challenging, but both Bottom Line and our partners showed our ability to fight through the adversity in front of us and come out on top.

we are nearing the end of the fourth quarter,  I have full confidence we will all come through and once again demonstrate why we are all successful businesses and as 2021 rolls around and we hopefully start to get back to a sense of normalcy and when we do I am excited to see what we can all accomplish next!

When I’m asked about 2020, I won’t forget about the healthcare workers who face the pandemic and are in harm’s way everyday.  I won’t forget about the businesses that weren’t or aren’t able to manage through this year and will continue to support them as best we can.  From a more personal perspective, I will remember the people in my life that I deal with daily.  The owners and employees of Bottom Line that never stopped hustling whether working from home or the office and the partners that we do business with that never stopped communicating with us and letting us be their teammates to help their businesses be successful this year.  I will choose to reflect on the positive things that happened, the things that will carry us through 2021. And now,  I ask the same from you. I ask that you, whether you’re a reader, friend, colleague or business owner: To stay positive next year. Are you with me? 

With love & optimism…(and the cutest co-pilot) 

Chad Kennedy