Abandoned Cart Retargeting

September 18, 2020

Have you ever been shopping online, added items to your cart, and then not completed the purchase for one reason or another? The phone rang, your credit card is downstairs, or your boss walked in? You’re not the only one! In the world of E-Commerce, it’s an all or nothing game. Your digital ads can target the perfect person for your product, lead them all the way through the conversion funnel, and then the cart is abandoned! All the hard work put into your advertising for that consumer resulted in $0.00 simply because they abandoned their cart for whatever reason. Online shoppers leave retailers with an abandoned cart nearly 70% of the time. That means, for most online retailers, 100% of your online sales come from only 30% of your consumers! Each opportunity to convert an engaged consumer becomes MORE AND MORE valuable.

You may think to yourself, well if they really wanted to purchase my product they will be back. This is not always the case. Consumers have a multitude of options at their disposal; if you do not stay top of mind at all times (even if they have already added items to their cart) you will lose them to a competitor who is.

I am here to bring light to a service which is often overlooked but is extremely important & will help round out your digital advertising campaign strategy. Abandoned cart retargeting is a service that helps refunnel warm leads back to the buying/checkout process of your website. By placing a tag on the backend of your website, we have the capability to capture your target consumer who has visited your website and left items in their shopping cart without finishing the checkout process (the best part is all we need to get this set up is access to your website). With these audiences, you have two options; Retarget the audience with display graphics, reminding them to finish their purchase, or you can send a customized email graphic directly to the consumer who abandoned their cart. Both of these options are extremely personalized to make the consumer feel as if they were created specifically for them. There are even ways to pull in the specific items they were looking at on the website into your email graphic to make it that much more personalized. Plus, this is a great opportunity to give the consumer a 10% off coupon code to get them to finish their purchase. Think about it, have you ever been sent an email or served an ad with the exact items you were shopping for and clicked back because they reminded you of your cart? This works!

Here’s the bottom line; in this day in age online shopping is becoming more and more popular, especially this year. More e-commerce savvy consumers mean more e-commerce competition as retailers realize that a brick & mortar store is not enough. Do not lose out on an additional 70% of your available consumers because of an abandoned cart. Let’s turn these abandoners into SALES!