Accounting: A Team Sport at BLM

August 5, 2021

Accounting: A Team Sport at BLM

So I got an email about two weeks ago informing me that it was my turn to write something for our company blog. I re-read it a few times thinking it was sent to me by mistake. You see, I’m an accountant here at Bottom Line Marketing and the last thing people want to read about is something to do with accounting. I mean, honestly, the one thing more boring than watching paint dry is reading something about the accounting profession. Giant snooze fest. I still use my upper level accounting textbooks as a sleeping aid.

I sent an email back to my colleague and said, “this is totally a mistake and not a funny joke”. She replied back, “Write the blog now. Please”.

Not a mistake. Here we go.

Ok, so step one was to Google “how to write a blog”. Sounds funny but for someone who only deals with numbers all day this was a necessity. I was armed with the google machine and all its knowledge. I typed in the key words and out came everything I needed, targeted at me, based on my request. Step two, figure out what to write about. The main takeaway that I got was to write about what you know. Great. I know accounting. I know how to invest money. Hummm. Step three, write the darn thing.

My prior experience in accounting departments before Bottom Line was one of routine, processing reports, and sending info out to investors. I would just report what happened and occasionally make suggestions on how to save or make more money. Not now.

At Bottom Line, I get to see the process from start to finish. Advertising is such a unique, and exciting industry. It is amazing to watch a client set a budget, target their specific market, and reap the rewards. Everything that a client does with Bottom Line is geared to increasing sales. People go into business for many different reasons, but like it or not, the main reason that everyone shares is to make money. To make money, a business must spend money. I get to see from the initial spend, the target on TV, Radio, Internet, and Social Media, to the final increase in sales. As I said before, my prior accounting roles never had this much involvement.

I get to witness an actual return of investment. An ROI for each one of our clients. I get to see the setup of a Google or Facebook campaign and how our company zeros in on a specific market of customers. I get to see the TV and Radio department negotiate with stations all across the country to get the best airtime for their clients. I also get to see our creative department develop, shoot, edit, and produce commercials for TV and Radio.

Everything that is done behind the scenes for our clients is to create sales, generate revenue, and maintain market share in their specific industry. Bottom Line is an efficient, results oriented advertising company that cares about our clients and their financial well being.

As an accountant, I get to see this on a daily basis. And, seeing this on a daily basis makes me realize that maybe accounting isn’t all that boring. Maybe being in the wrong industry is.

Happy to be helping our clients every day.