Advertising Versus Marketing: The Difference

September 20, 2019

I believe in Advertising. I better, I own an advertising agency for goodness’ sake! I believe the best advertising is word of mouth. I believe your location is advertising dollars well spent. I believe in reach, frequency and a message that creates top of mind awareness. I believe in share of voice and a huge impact quotient.

I believe in Marketing. I believe in event marketing. I believe in providing a product that a customer wants. I believe in making a connection to a customer. I believe in building a brand so strong people will scream it from the rooftops. I believe in telling a story. I believe in the ever-evolving relationship with a customer. I believe in marketing to baby boomers, millennials, Gen X, Y and whatever generation my 16 week old daughter will be lumped into. I believe in marketing to all.

I like to boil things down to a simplistic view of the world. As the people who hear me talk the most know I love to go back to the beginning of time; my favorite thing about it being the caveman. I do this because I believe technology has provided us with a new world, but many basic concepts were developed long before these technologies and before they were studied and labeled as fields of study.

Remember the caveman? If one cave family happens to be particularly good hunters then they might likely have more meat than is necessary and want to trade for other goods they don’t have. These cavemen need to let other cave families know that they have extra meat to sell or trade. If they don’t set up shop in the middle of the community then they may need to create signage or pay people to walk around letting others know there is meat available. Lack of technology limited their advertising avenue, but they still needed to market their meat.

I believe great advertising is supported by a great marketing plan and they work together faster when they both work together.

What’s the difference? Some quick research will have you reading for days and have your head spinning as to what the difference is, and you still won’t likely have a clear distinction in your head. This is why I like to keep it simple… With advertising you can use dollars to get the word out with much more reach and frequency; with marketing we show people why they should believe in us and the products that we provide. Our job is to help you with both, but most importantly our job is to get the word out about you and your product so we can help you make more money.

The bottom line: Do both. Market. Advertise. Be a caveman or woman. If you need help with advertising or marketing, we will help make it easy & fun for you!