Agency Life & Why We Love It

November 2, 2018

Agency life is always being on and always being ready to adapt. It’s waking up early, planning your day and it changing by the time you get to work. It’s packing up and heading home to get ready for a call. It’s worrying about client events and hoping that it’s great for them. Agency Life is getting the opportunity to be a part of people’s lives and business and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

· We love it because our clients are our partners and friends.
· We love it because we talk to them about business and life.
· We love it because we travel to see them for business and with them for fun.
· We love it because we get to show off what our clients can do and what they offer.

We love it, but pulling it all together takes work.

From our account managers spending countless hours with our clients and then turning around to make sure our staff knows and understands what we need to do and where we are going with it and being sure that all the departments understand. It takes our media team reaching out to our partners to be sure we can get the best media and media mix for our campaigns, and then going back and spending hours negotiating to be sure we get the best rates. Then we run analysis to know we are getting what we want and what we expect to work the best and plan all the media around events and sales to ensure the best use of our client’s money.

Account managers then rely on our creative team to develop a campaign to make sure we represent the client’s story and brand, but also ensure the sales and events drive customers and dollars. The Multimedia world we so casually reference keeps expanding. New technologies create new opportunities and new competitors for both advertising dollars and creative ideas. Our graphic designers aren’t just designing mailers and magazines ads, but they also work on facebook posts, as well as animated ads for mobile display. Don’t forget about our video department, as video is only becoming more and more prevalent. Traditional TV ads are not the only thing our video crew has to keep cranking out to keep consumers engaged. Oh, and we still need writers so that our messages have impact.

We can’t forget about all the other areas that help bring it all together. Our website experts and SEO analysts who make sure that we drive customers to websites and have the right messages updated. Audio Engineers that find our voice talent and record our radio ads and our Co-op managers that ensure co-op $’s are tracked and received and our business team that keeps things anchored to be sure everyone has what they need to do their job.

Agency life if challenging. It’s fun ideas and creative thinking, it’s a lot of analytics and negotiations, it’s a lot of tedious work that no one sees to make sure it all comes together. It’s fun, stressful and demanding, but seeing our partners succeed makes it all worthwhile and keeps us coming back each day for more.