Automotive Social Media: What you must know

August 23, 2019

Drive your next sale by utilizing social media! If your dealership doesn’t have social media accounts already, then it’s time to make some! Viewing vehicles through various social media platforms has become an integral part of the car buying process for many individuals. Many even purchase vehicles online without stepping foot inside a dealership. So as a business in the automotive industry and social media marketing alike, it’s important to be aware of trends that grow and engage potential audiences on these platforms.

Relevance is key! Obviously, staying up to date on car buying trends that speak to your audience and customers will benefit when targeting ads and creating content. Utilizing Facebook Ads Manager is a great way to reach people who have shown interest in purchasing cars through behaviors online. Narrowing down your audience to people who live near your dealership, express interest in particular vehicles, and other identifiers are all key ways to drive your next sale!

Social media is an excellent tool to reach many people instantaneously. Granted, there are many social platforms at your disposal, so choosing where to start may feel overwhelming. Generally, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube are the top sites to drive traffic to your store. It’s to your discretion on which platforms to stay more active, because you’re the most familiar with what your audience and customers prefer. A younger customer base or target audience will most likely see the most engagement on Twitter or Instagram, whereas Facebook tends to consist of a middle age to older following.

The content you post on each platform should also be considered. Vehicle walkarounds, scenic drives, detailed overviews, and staff parties are all content that audiences crave. It’s important to creatively share your business. From staff to inventory, all of it is of interest to someone. People want to be able to see themselves in your posts and see the lifestyle they could have, so make it easy for them!

With everything in real-time, your business has ample opportunity to do a lot of the sales process before your customer even steps foot in your store. Managing direct messages, monitoring reviews, and engaging with customers online are all ways to instill confidence to your potential or existing customers. Doing this, in turn, can differentiate you from your competitors.

The bottom line: car buying for most is a very big decision. People spend a considerable amount of time making sure the purchase of a car is the best fit for them. Social media is an amazing opportunity to bring the dealership straight into the hands of the prospective buyer. When used effectively, social media can give the buyer a well-rounded perspective throughout their decision-making process and keep your business top of mind!