Believe with Me: Kendall Kennedy

April 3, 2020

I have started and stopped this blog a total of 11 times. My first blog topic discussed ways for local business to keep doing business during a pandemic. It just doesn’t feel right. If you want those tips, reach out to me directly and I’ll tell you all of my tricks.

There are four of us who own Bottom Line Marketing. We are incredibly blessed with a staff of nearly 40 employees who treat this baby like their own. Our staff is family. When one person hurts, we all hurt. When one person thrives, we all celebrate. Our Bottom Line anchor is strong as all hell, nothing will break our tenacity to do good work, and you better believe we are doing good work right now.

The four of us owners have withstood several critical conversations in the past two weeks with our customers. The tears I have cried for local business and those on the front lines could probably get me admitted into a low security mental institution. (Chad can fact check this for you!)

I know that tears won’t stop the Rona’, but hard ass work will help stimulate people to buy. AND when this is all said and done, because this will end, those that can buy WILL buy from your local business.

So my note this week is dedicated to my strong as ox partners, hoping this will relate to anyone reading this. This too shall pass. Please remember that you will take that trip to Europe, and I will get to stand in my best friend Ashley’s wedding this summer, and Jackie you will get to take Poppy to her first baseball game, she’ll love her first hotdog and coke. Chad, you will get to fly with your one year old daughter to the Bahamas like you have been dreaming about, and Tammy,  you will get to visit your mother recovering from brain surgery face to face, you can hold her hand and tell her how much you love her.

This too shall pass. Business will be business again one day. But for now, let’s pray for those on the front lines, let’s pray for Tammy Benda’s son who is on his way to the east coast to enter the hospital system as a COVID19 ER Nurse. Let’s pray for those infected by this invisible enemy and let’s pray for those who are doing good.

I believe everything is going to be okay, will you believe with me?

With love, with tears, and with hope,

Kendall Kennedy