Celebrating 20 Years of Bottom Line With 20 Things You Maybe Didn’t Know About Us!

June 25, 2021

Celebrating 20 Years of Bottom Line With 20 Things You Maybe Didn’t Know About Us!
  1. The very first BLM client was a jeweler in 2001, by coincidence.
  2. Our business is now 60% jewelry, 40% other industries.
  3. The kid pictures theme was started on Day 1 by our founder Chris Brooks who felt his 5th grade picture would sell something. Or at least get people talking. Boy was he right!
  4. We’re majority women owned. Also, family owned.
  5. We create, buy, and execute everything in-house with our own team.
  6. We’re constantly evolving, growing, and getting better each day.
  7. We have 10 former college athletes on our “team”.
  8. Our founder and my dad, Chris Brooks, started the business at age 44, from a basement office and I told him not to do it! (Shame, shame)
  9. We’ve completed 895 design projects in the past 3 months.
  10. We have 6 people who graduated from Northwood University.
  11. We have a golden rule: We only partner with people who we would have into our homes for dinner.
  12. We love getting text messages on Christmas Eve every year from clients saying “We hit our goal!” We win when YOU win.
  13. We have 45 team members across 3 offices and 5 states.
  14. We’re dog friendly and always have been. The first hiring ad was in the local newspaper and ended with “Must love dogs”.
  15. Our longest standing client has been with us 19 years.
  16. We continuously buy 65 media markets throughout the US, Canada and Caribbean.
  17. Kendall’s nickname as a child was Goatchild.
  18. Our mission statement has a lot of swear words in it. We’ll share it with you someday.
  19. We have won ZERO awards, and we love that.
  20. Our future is bright because of our foundation, our team, and our clients who continue to expect the best.

The Bottom Line is: We’re real people, doing real work for other real people. We love what we do and love helping our clients succeed. Although we always try to have fun, we take this business seriously and are incredibly proud to have been in business for 20 years. Cheers to 20 more because what else could we do where we could have this much fun?