Cheers to all the Mothers at BLM!

May 10, 2019

Being a mom, I sacrificed my body, my sleep, my time, my finances, my mental health, my life. After my children were born, life wasn’t about me anymore. I wouldn’t trade the best day before they were born with the worst day since their births.

I was blessed to be given the award and title “Mom” two times over. And of all the titles I will wear throughout my life, it’s the one I am the proudest of. No, you won’t see my picture on the cover of Parent’s magazine. I am not the greatest mother ever. But I was awarded an opportunity to birth and raise two amazing baby boys. With the help of their father, God, and many other influential role models in their lives, we’ve molded them into fine young men.

Is it easy? No, being a parent is the hardest job you’ll ever love. From the sleepless nights of infants, temper tantrums of toddlers, the fear of going to school, teenage attitudes, break-ups with girlfriends, moving away to college, the list of challenges goes on and on. But in the midst of those challenges are so many moments filled with joy and pride and a love in your heart that you didn’t know you were missing until the day your child is born.

Now 21 and 25, it’s crazy to think how fast time has gone by from the day my boys were born and now, one of my boys is a parent himself (being a grandma is another title that I wear VERY proudly – just look at my Facebook page a.k.a. grandma’s brag book).

It’s been a very exciting year at BLM. You might say, we’re in the midst of a BLM baby boom. Chris and Annette, the official parents of Bottom Line, get to feel their hearts swell even bigger as they get not one, but TWO GRANDBABIES!! Their baby girls, Kendall and Jackie, are having babies! Poppy Layne already has many hearts wrapped around her teeny, tiny pinky. Brooks family baby #2 should be here any day! Lauren also welcomed a baby girl in the last few weeks. Bring on those BLM babies!!!

This weekend, we celebrate all the moms (and soon-to-be moms) of Bottom Line. They’ve balanced two full time jobs, one raising their child(ren) and the other helping raise the bottom line of our clients. Both jobs are very demanding, both in time and heart. We’re so blessed to have moms that have absolutely rocked both roles!

Motherhood is a lifetime adventure, the hardest non-paying 24/7 job you will ever do and MY GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT! I am blessed to share that same award with Annette, Lena, Lauren, Jessica, Katie, Jackie and (very soon) Kendall!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our BLM moms and all those that are also blessed to have that title.