CO-OP Advertising: Use It or Lose It

August 24, 2018


If you’re like me, you can’t resist a great sale! Especially a 50% off sale! Well, how would you like to get 50% off your advertising? What!?!? Too good to be true? It’s not! It’s called co-op! Companies such as Forevermark, Rolex, Pandora, David Yurman, John Hardy and others will reimburse half of your advertising budget for their brand. Sure, it may be a little extra work, but the payoff is huge! Thousands of dollars or more!!!!

Each co-op source has a list of co-op guidelines but for the most part the submission process is pretty much the same. In most cases you need to submit an advertising budget and ads for pre-approval. After the ad ran you need to submit a notarized media invoice and proof of performance to the vendor and voila, credit issued sometimes within a couple of days!

Don’t have time for that? Well, that’s where Bottom Line Marketing comes in! We will coordinate your co-op for you. Your account manager will work directly with the vendor to get a budget approved. Then our production department gets the ad approved, ordered and placed. After the ad ran our billing department works to get the proper co-op notarization and proof of performance and sends it to our co-op department (that’s me!) From there I will submit all your co-op for you and even provide you with a link so you can track your co-op submissions and a monthly breakdown.

You wouldn’t throw away money, would you? Of course not! So why are you not taking advantage of your available co-op programs?