Creating a Great Company Culture

April 5, 2019

Hi my name is Annette and my blog is about company culture!“Acquiring a positive team takes very little energy on your part.”(Me shaking my head, “worst assumption by a business owner ever.”)

Obviously, you’re looking for people who can look you in the eye, carry on a conversation and have empathy for their fellow man. They must be resilient, confident and competitive. They must have a hunger that goes beyond money and the ability to listen and the ability to learn…

You see where I’m going here….Perfect employees rarely walk the earth. A great employee is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.

Team members must be developed, encouraged and acknowledged. They must walk into your business with a personal brand and be willing to expand and promote both themselves and your goals. You need to lift them up and place expectations from the start. Write down goals for themselves, their department and of course the business.

Follow up on the goals. Change the goals. Encourage the goals. Never forget the goals. But listen business owners, YOU need to develop talent inside your company. Your business will only ever go as far as the talent of your employees. So select wisely. Choose ambitious, choose young, choose old…But for the love of God, put all your energy into your employees, you won’t be sorry. Notice when they do something great, something beyond expectations, something over the weekend, whatever their kids’ up to. I mean really your employees are just an extension of you. So make your business a place of growth and expectations, you won’t be sorry.

The bottom line? Make people love coming to work and you’ll never have to talk about company culture again.