Doing the hard things

January 1, 2021

Doing the hard things

In a year where forecasting, planning, vision boarding, goal setting and optimism were thrown out the window, we all still sit here, masked up on January 1st, maybe reflecting on the hard things, but planning for the GREAT things.

“The best is yet to come…” My dad & founder always says this. He said it as kids when I would lose softball games, he said it when we were in college, graduating in recessions and waiting tables along with our full time jobs to make ends meet. The best is yet to come, and this time, we’re working really hard on believing it, spreading it and living it.

If you’ve had to let some employees go this year, we bet you have an all-star roster for 2021. If you’ve lost some business this year, we bet your sales funnel is overflowing from the extra hustle you put in. If you’ve found the true champions inside your business, keep them happy, they’re your heartbeat to your growth and sustainability.

With all the hard things we do, we’re not the ones standing on the front lines, we’re just on the front lines of our own lives. So today, I ask you two things.
1. Will you believe with us that the best is yet to come? &  2. Will you offer a prayer, moment of silent, or positive vibe for those on the front lines of this pandemic this New Years Day?

The best is yet to come friends.

With love & admiration for everyone doing hard things,