Forever… Sure Has a Nice Ring to It!

September 6, 2019

Forever… Sure Has a Nice Ring to It!
Keep your customers coming back for more… FOREVER!

It’s an age old question, “What’s easier, keeping the customers you have or going out and getting new ones?” While everyone’s favorite answer is “I need to do both, and more of it”, I like to refer back to the old “leaky bucket theory”. If you have a bucket (business) full of water (customers), but you have holes in the bottom (poor customer retention)… it won’t be long until all you’re holding is a big empty bucket. A solid, mixed-marketing strategy is ever important for growth, but if you don’t plug the leaky holes you will just keep filling water in a leaking bucket.

First, I want you to know that this is not rocket science! They say, “It’s the little things that count” and they are not wrong. Doing little things like smiling, remembering names, reading the room, injecting humor and personality, sending kind notes without a sales pitch, checking in on birthdays & anniversaries and actually being yourself with your customers will always make a noticeable difference.

Customer retention is essential to business growth. Word of mouth is irreplaceable and the strongest pitch you have.

Some Quick Tips for Success:

Tip 1: “Love the One You’re With”
One of my favorite quotes that I heard in a business setting was said in the middle of a meeting with a sales rep. His cell phone was ringing relentlessly and he just kept ignoring the call. I told him he could go ahead and take it, but he just shook his head and said, “As the song goes, ‘Love the One You’re With.’” That resonated with me immediately and I think it every single time my phone rings while I’m sitting face to face with a client. Make sure you and your entire team are loving the person they are working with and giving them all the attention in the world!

Tip 2: Give them a little love for being loyal!
How much would you spend to get a new customer, right now? Probably a good amount! Plus, this new customer would require a larger time investment than any current customer you have! Learning who they are, what they like, what gets them excited and, ideally, what gets them to actually make a purchase. Haven’t you already made that initial advertising investment and continued time investment in your current customer base? So, doesn’t it make sense to spend a little money to keep them happy and give them reasons to keep telling the world that you’re the best in town? Give your customers a customer loyalty and referral incentive, but keep it easy for your own sanity!

Tip 3: Keep social, well… SOCIAL!
Social media is an excellent way to show your unique personality and User Generated Content (UGC) is gold! People shop with people they like, so be yourself! Have some fun, do a little dance, celebrate your staff’s birthdays and don’t be afraid to show your face and share your thoughts. There is nothing worse than a social media page plastered with branded ad images that show zero personality. So have your staff show off jewelry with the same bright smile that customers will see when they walk in the door.

Tip 4: VIP Events!
Give your best customers the show! Bring them in for a fun, classy event. Make them feel special and give them the WOW factor. It amazes me how well private and intimate VIP events increase the success of a sale or promotion. Give them the first look at what you’re offering and make them feel special. They have earned it!

The Bottom Line for me: I treat my clients like family, because they are truly family to me! If I added up the hours, there is a good chance that I would discover that I spend as much or more time with them than most of my immediate family. I sure hope that keeps them coming back… FOREVER!