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Introducing your new Forevermark Recommended Digital Ad Agency, Bottom Line Marketing (BLM). BLM is a full service marketing partner for over 60 independent jewelry retailers across the United States, including a number of Forevermark’s top performing retailers. They will work with you to develop your digital strategy, for your unique business and market, and ensure that you maintain a strong presence that is recognized across all digital platforms.

BLM provides a full list of digital services, including SEM, mobile display, cross-platform retargeting, pre-roll video, SEO and social media and has relationships with some of the world’s largest demand-side platforms to leverage national buying power for their clients. They are a registered Google Partner and their entire staff is fully certified in all of Google’s various services and platforms. Bottom Line Marketing has a track record of excellent retention and delivering results for their clients.

Monthly Reporting and Co-Op Submissions will be handled for you.
We work directly with Forevermark.


The writing is on the wall, I need to discover digital.


  • Annual Co-Op Investment
  • Monthly SEM Management


I say, “Yes!” to digital, but need some time before the wedding.


  • Annual Co-Op Investment
  • Monthly SEM Management
  • Cross-Platform Retargeting


Say “I Do!”


  • Annual Co-Op Investment
  • Monthly SEM Management
  • Cross-Platform Retargeting
  • Pre-Roll Video Management OR Mobile Display Management


I’m committed and ready to say “I Do!” to digital.


  • Annual Co-Op Investment
  • Monthly SEM Management
  • Cross-Platform Retargeting
  • Pre-Roll Video Management
  • Mobile Display Management

Monthly SEM: Forevermark-approved keywording Researched and approved specifically for your market Utilizing Google Search Network

Pre-Roll Video: Approved Forevermark pre-roll video Content tagged with your logo Video content targeting in your market to your demographic.

Cross-Platform Retargeting: Forevermark-approved creative assets Retargeting pixel placement on jeweler website. Managed budgets: We recommend initial budgets between $300-$500 per month. Actual spend is dependent on website traffic and will be managed with spending caps. BLM will recommend higher or lower budget once consistent traffic count is established.

Mobile Display Management: Approved Forevermark mobile display ads tagged with your logo. Targeting in your market to your demographic Landing page for display ads to drive store calls, directions to store through map applications and clicks to the website. Available store visitation tracking.


All of the below services are available a la carte, as add-ons to one of the four package options. Minimum monthly commitments may be required. Speak with a BLM representative for details.


We leverage our relationships some of the largest demand-side platforms on the globe to create unique campaigns tailored to each one of our clients using both 1st and 3rd party location and behavioral data. With that data, we are able to deliver mobile ads to your exact audience, build dynamic mobile landing pages with click-to-call and click-to-map capabilities, and use blueprint technology to record store visitation driven directly from your mobile ads.


The Google Search Network is the largest search platform in the world. We build a list of keywords relevant to your business and serve ads to people who are searching those keywords on Google in your area. We monitor daily bids and build your ads according to Google’s specifications to optimize towards maximum efficiency and performance.


We utilize YouTube and the Google Display Network to deliver Pre-Roll video ads to targeted audiences segmented by age, gender, income, location and interests. Having a full-service ad agency goes a long way when choosing to utilize Pre-Roll for a branding or call-to-action campaign - we can mold your creative messaging by creating videos specifically tailored for digital platforms, at or below :10 - :15.


We deliver display ads to people who have recently visited your website through mobile, desktop and tablet devices. We can also retarget people on their Facebook news feed and email platform. This is a relatively simple process that automatically keeps you relevant with people who have already taken the first step in learning more about your business.


Facebook and Instagram operate on the same ad platform and provide a multitude of ways to reach consumers, along with some high quality data to go with it. This data is drawn from Facebook profiles, which show what that person has “liked”, what posts they comment on, where they have visited, etc. This allows us to drive those people towards your website, attend your events, extend exclusive offers and most importantly – reach people in your area relevant to your business.


While SEM/PPC helps you stay relevant with paid search results, SEO takes care of your organic search results by cleaning up the back end of your website and making sure all your codes and tags are current. Digital advertising is a collective of multiple services which work together to build and secure your online brand awareness. SEO is a key factor in this process, as it makes sure your website functions properly and populates correctly across all search platforms.


Custom packages are available and can be created with guidance from Bottom Line Marketing. Customization can be tailored in a number of ways, so just reach out to BLM to discuss your options. Any custom package will require a commitment to one of the four pre-approved packages, and adjustments will be made from there.

Example 1: The Inscription Package with a Mobile Display “Holiday” add-on to focus budget dollars during specific Holidays.

Example 2: The Bridal Package with a Social Media add-on adjusted to focus all budget dollars on a “4th Quarter Push”. there.

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