Fourth Quarter In Florida

December 22, 2017

Happy Holidays from your festive and friendly BLMFL Intern! I’m finally back in the Florida Office after a long fall semester at college. I missed my coworkers a lot since I hadn’t seen my office friends since the summer, and they didn’t get to make it to the Yooper Retreat (thanks Hurricane Irma). I was definitely ready to go back to work. But I had no idea how crazy it would be. All I’ve been hearing for the past few months is “It’s Fourth Quarter!!!” I had no idea what Fourth Quarter meant to this company, except that it makes everyone want to pull their hair out. In addition to the hectic time of year, big changes were happening for our small but mighty company. We’ve had major successes with clients, hired four new people, and hired two other interns. So what does this all mean for me? I knew I’d have three new coworkers to be with, and to me that was exciting! I got to meet a lot of new people through Skype because our company was growing.

My first day back, I met Julia, Lauren, and Justin, the newest stars of our BLMFL Office! The new energies in the office help balance everything out, and make us a more well-rounded office. There are dogs, account managers, media buyers, cinematographers, influencers, traffickers, and me of course! Did I forget to mention that the original Bottom Line Family is here? We have the famous Chris and Annette Brooks in our presence all the way from the Yoop in Michigan, along with the star-studded Denver boss Jackie. The family is all here! What a special and magical time of year to be with friends, family, and coworkers throughout the holidays and (queue the music) dun dun dun… Fourth Quarter!

This Fourth Quarter stuff must really be getting to everyone. There are papers and shoes flying everywhere, coffee and drool spilling over desks, and a few people are even biting their arms off. Well it may not be that extreme. But we’ve got phones ringing off the hook, lots of meetings and reps visiting, gifts flowing in, emails sending, posts uploading, dogs barking, eyes rolling, heads turning, and hands furiously typing. But what else would you expect from all these hard-working people? It’s Friday afternoon, and we’ll all soon be eating dinner together at The Breakers in Palm Beach. We’ll finally be able to unwind and enjoy a nice time together, stress free for a few hours and days until it all starts up again on the 27th. We’re in the final stretch and we’re doing great! I can’t believe how blessed I am to be here at this amazing company. I’ve learned, I’ve grown, just as this company has done and will continue to do as we head into a great 2018! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the Florida Office of Bottom Line Marketing!