Hey Business Owners, it’s Time to Trust your Staff.

January 11, 2019

Oh what such a powerful word that we grasp onto and hold near and dear to our everyday lives and business practices. When our Florida office went from 3 people to 15, I learned I had to let go of some things. My first example is the cleaning. I used to drive to work on Sundays to clean the office, I would spend 4 hours sweeping, mopping, scrubbing the floors, I would get to work Monday in a terrible mood as I would spend my precious afternoon cleaning the office. Chad explained one day that hiring someone to clean the office is affordable, and probably a good idea. (The wrath from me on Monday morning must have made its way up to human resources) We hired an affordable and incredible cleaning lady, done.

If you know me professionally, you know I’m a media snob. I love working with TV stations, I love buying, negotiating and building traditional media schedules that make our clients’ MONEY knowing that I’m buying better and smarter than they ever could. I love premier parties, I love primetime TV, I love the bad fruit baskets the media sends at Christmas time. I have three team members that specifically do exactly what I love, it’s what they have been hired for, they don’t let me talk to stations, negotiate media, and frankly, they are now better at this than I am! Giving up SOME not ALL control of our media department was one of the hardest challenges of my professional career, but one of the best.

When you pay people to do your marketing, let them do it. When you pay a marketing director to direct your marketing, let them prove to you how much they can handle. You will be surprised with how often you will catch them doing something RIGHT. A business owner of any size can’t do everything great, and if you think you can, you’re selling yourself, your shareholders and the people who work hard for you short.

I’ve yet to meet a business owner with high margins, impeccable advertising, a warehouse that fiercely delivers on time, and google reviews with only 5 stars. I challenge you to pull back the reigns, give people the opportunity to make mistakes, give your team a chance to turn your business into something that is FUN for you again. Your company culture will thank you, your blood pressure will find relief and your business will be better off.

Don’t worry, I’m working on taking my own advice too, after all, we’re just humans who freaking love working their business.

Kendall Kennedy
EX Cleaning Lady
EX Media Boss 
Current Title: Business Owner!