Great Radio Ads Deserve Great Radio Talent

June 7, 2019


The saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” So why do you go through the trouble of getting a perfect script only to waste the potential of a great ad by settling for FREE voice talent. Look at all those voiceovers Morgan Freeman does. Why does he get so many? Because he’s recognizable? Because he is impactful? Because he is believable? Yes, Yes and Yes! Okay, we know you can’t afford Morgan Freeman, but there many affordable voice options out there and we think hiring a professional voice talent is well worth the money!
Everyone has a voice and can read, but just because someone has a good voice doesn’t mean they can do an ad. A mechanic and a doctor both have hands, but you wouldn’t hire a mechanic to preform open heart surgery, would you? There’s a reason it’s called voice TALENT. It’s because you’re hiring an actor to represent you and tell your story. It’s not at all about having a good voice…it’s about delivering the script. It’s about being believable, it’s about being relatable. It’s about not blending in with all those other ads out there. You are competing for market share, after all. So why blend in when you can stand out!

So, I know what you’re thinking, I’ll just have DJ XYZ record my ad. Since I run on their station they will do it for free or minimal cost. Okay, so now remember what I said about standing out? Most radio stations only have a bank of about 5 to 7 “on air” people who voice ads. So your ad could potentially run back to back to back with other ads with the same voice. Even with a sensational script, your ad will blend in and get lost in the shuffle. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for using radio announcers for ads and we do, but we use them in a different market so their voice is not familiar to the listeners and creates a bigger impact.
Another reason to hire voice talent is consistency. Much as a logo or a jingle brands you and says, “Hey…Here I am!” A consistent voice in all your messages does the same. So even if you have different messages, the voice and the music tie it all together in one complete marketing package.
What? You say you want to voice your own ads? Great! There is no better voice for your company than you. However, we do suggest having us coach you over the phone to ensure we get the delivery we need to make your ad sound great!!! Like I said before, it’s not about reading a script it’s about being believable and relatable. We have had great success with coaching our clients on their ads. Listen for yourself!

Still on the fence about hiring voice talent? I challenge you to listen to your local radio station and see which ads you remember. I am betting they are the ones voiced by professional talent.
Oh and there is one other thing that will set your ads apart…My favorite, Sound Effects!!! But that’s a topic for another time.