Happy Holidays from BLM

December 20, 2019

Happy Holidays!

A blog collaboration by Jackie & Kendall Brooks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Frankly, we spend the next week holding our breath in deep optimism that our retail clients will hit their numbers and finish out the year with a positive and black bottom line, after all, that’s our name, Bottom Line Black!

This year our BLM family brought three new BLM babies into the world! Poppy Layne was born to Jackie Brooks on 2/8/19, Charlotte Mae born to Lauren Jordan on 4/29/19 and finally Grace Ashley born to Chad and Kendall Kennedy on 5/29/19. We are extremely grateful for healthy & happy babies and moms!

Besides new babies, Bottom Line brought along the following new team members in 2019: Cheers to a GREAT year of growth!

Robert Goodrich (Video Production)
Christopher Baeztel (Digital Media)
Natalie Rich (Digital Media)
Lordia Dipiazza (Social Media)
Bo Smith (Senior Copywriter)

We don’t always get it right at Bottom line, like many family businesses we are flawed, but we are hopeful. Hopeful that our team of 40 will continue to be proud of where they work. We are hopeful that if we do small things in our big communities we can help instill small amounts of positive change.

Thank you to our team members for the hustle, hard work and winning attitudes. Thank you our customers that let us wake up everyday and do what we love, CREATE!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from the Bottom Line Team.

The Girls
Jackie & Kendall