Hot or Not: Trends To Keep Your Eye On

September 13, 2019

So… What’s HOT & What’s NOT?!

As marketers we need to stay on trend to make sure your customers want to spend their hard earned money with you! More than ever, fighting for your customer’s disposable income is a hot competition. How are you going to be the one they choose to shop it with?

Sure, you can have great jewelry, a great location, tons of experience, “excellent customer service” and blah blah blah… If you got bored reading that, do you think your customer even heard it?! The real answer… Just relate to them! Be You! Show your personality! Have fun!! When people shop with you, it is typically an emotional purchase that they want to feel good about! So show them your human side and treat them like family.

Let’s talk about some fun topics that you can bring to the table to make your business stand out and not be boring!

HOT: You and your staff are the brand – put yourself out there! Be you on social media and rock that UGC (User Generated Content)!
NOT: Taking images from other people or other brands and trying to make that your brand.

HOT: OTT Advertising. Reach the cord cutting generation by streaming a relevant, fun message on the shows they actually watch.
NOT: Newspaper ads for branding or to reach anyone under 55.

HOT: Sponsoring your local hockey/little league team and throwing them and their parents the best pizza party ever!
NOT: Talking about “how great of an idea that is” and never doing it.

HOT: iPads.
NOT: Beanie Babies…
Just making sure you’re paying attention!

HOT: Going to networking events in your community. Chamber, Young Professionals, bocce & cornhole leagues… Whatever your interests are! Get out there and make $#it happen.
NOT: Sitting around on your phone waiting for something to happen.

HOT: Letting your staff dress for your customers.
NOT: Requiring them to wear a 3 piece suit when your customers all wear cowboy boots and jeans.

HOT: Street Art.
NOT: Street Mimes…
Last attention check, only a couple more left!

HOT: Finding and sharing your store’s “magic.” Something no one else does, but comes naturally to you and your team!
NOT: Copying someone else’s magic… Sorry, you’re not going to wow your customers by saying you’re “the most interesting man in the world.” Someone already did that.

HOT: Being the awesome, amazing, kind & loving people that your family and friends love. If you don’t treat your customers like that, why should they spend their money with you, instead of Frankie the hot dog guy who remembers all their kids names, their birthdays and exactly how they like their dogs!
NOT: Being stiff, 1990’s professional, boring and opening with, “So… what’s your budget?” You’re better than that, c’mon!

My Bottom Line: Things that are HOT now may NOT be in a few years, so listen and pay attention to your customers and employees. They are your front line. Do the things that are necessary to change and grow your business, and start today. That’s your bottom line!