Infusing Flavor into Copywriting

September 9, 2021

Infusing Flavor into Copywriting

If you’re anything like me, you love to binge-watch Food Network while munching on takeout. While these shows have attempted to teach me the importance of seasoning every ingredient, I’ve learned far more about adding punches of flavor to my writing.

You see, cooking and copywriting aren’t so different.

Both mix creativity, passion, inspiration and drive. They’re celebrations of the mind that take patience to master. Like chefs, copywriters start with a blank slate. However, we both benefit from following a recipe.

For us writers, recipes serve as a clear pitch and strong concept. For chefs, it’s a curated list of ingredients that blend together magically. We must both select the freshest and powerful elements. When it’s not harmonized correctly, the result becomes bland, burnt or bitter. Nobody wants that!

As humans, we crave experience. So, one of the best ways to boost tang in writing is activating the mind’s eye. After all, we’re image junkies. Our brains will make decisions based on a picture we’re inspired to paint.

A slice of advice I’ve been given is to taste every dish before serving. The same goes for writing. You could be given the most exquisite ingredients in the world, but without the most basic seasoning, your creation will fall flat. You can balance the palette by adding a little extra pepper, a couple of juicy adjectives and a squeeze of lemon. That way, rich ideas are paired with bursts of flavor.

All too often, writing can be boring to digest. To change that, we sprinkle in some memorable zest. When we use succulent imagery, people’s desire to own a product intensifies. Best of all, it’s fun to spice up your writing by marinating the flavor.

I show up in life to push boundaries. To throw spaghetti at the wall until it sticks. It’s the messages that are infused with passion that break through the chatter. Every day is a new challenge to think outside of the box and expand my skill. It’s why I love doing what I do. Sure, some days I have writer’s block. Just like how the best chefs in the world prepare dull meals on occasion. It’s all part of the process of sprouting, growing and flourishing as a creative.

I don’t just cook or write for myself. Like delectable meals, luscious writing is meant to be shared. It’s how I show my love. It’s how I bring people together and invite a new frame of mind. It’s how I energize and nourish the soul. After all, when we’re passionate about something, it shines through our work, resonates with our target audience, fills their bellies with goodness and secures sales for our clients. That’s my motto and it’s exactly what I aim to do here at Bottom Line.