Joining Right Smack in the Middle of Q4

November 10, 2021

Joining Right Smack in the Middle of Q4

I’ve been here at Bottom Line Marketing for a whole 3 weeks now. I was very curious, upon starting, as to what the days would be like when compared to my previous job as a Senior Account Executive at a prominent radio group. How would I do with being in an office all day and not running from client to client? How would I handle juggling markets AND building different plans within different media types? But most importantly, what would it be like entering the agency business during the busiest window of the year?

Well, it’s busy.

But, I’m happy to say, I’m not overwhelmed. The first month has consisted mostly of learning – learning where things are, who does what, what the processes are like, who our clients are, which Account Managers have which accounts, how to build IO’s, and the most challenging – how to build & navigate the 100% gmail email system (20 years of Outlook hasn’t done me favors here. The change has been rough)!

That all sounds like it could be overwhelming. But, it really isn’t. If you’ve been in media for years like I have, you expect rapid pace. You expect fires to put out. You expect roadblocks. The beauty of this operation here at Bottom Line Marketing is the LACK OF OBSTACLES. Yep. We can move quickly. And get ANSWERS and COMPLETE TASKS QUICKLY. There is a motto on the eraser board here that I love: “The BLM Motto… We get sh*t done!” Perfect. That’s the way I like it. My past life was full of this type of situation: prospect and finally sign a client, then jump over several internal hoops to get the order in and get things active & moving. Not the case here. We can move quickly and decisions are made quickly. I love that. That’s how it should be. And I LOVE having HELP, and not being 100% on your own island with little assistance.

I’m also noticing how a lot of the Q4 marketing decisions (mostly holiday-related) are actually happening DURING q4. I’m not surprised. Late loading has been going on now for a few years, and it seems to get later and later every year. Maybe it’s due to the crazy number of marketing options that are out there now. Maybe it’s the pandemic. Maybe it’s the challenge businesses are having with staffing. Maybe all of it. But it’s all happening… NOW. Plus, it’s time for annuals. Put that all together, and it’s no wonder why Oct & Nov are the busiest.

Another thing I’ve notice about joining BLM during Q4 is the rapid ramp up as a company. When chatting with the employees here (trying to remember all the names), I always ask, “How long have you been here?” Several of the answers I’ve gotten are “3 months… 6 months… 8 months… 1 month.” Wow. We are really ramping up! It makes me happy to know that I’ve joined a company that is focused on growth and the future. We are ADDING, not cutting. Thank God.

Finally, I’m finding comfort in the idea that if this is the busiest time, and I’m new here, and making out just fine, then the future will be no problem. The eternal optimist. Yep. I’m that. Until next time… AP. OUT.