Juju’s First Day At Bottom Line

November 17, 2017

It’s Monday morning, my first day at Bottom Line Marketing. I entered the second floor of 1973 PGA Blvd and was greeted with a delicious smell of bacon and eggs. As I entered suite C and peeked around the corner, I saw Kendall sizzling bacon strips and flipping eggs with a half-melted spatula. Gus was whipping up a Cuban coffee with a pound of sugar and Jessie was microwaving a turkey sausage in a plastic baggie. I immediately thought to myself, “Kendall needs a new spatula, my diet will never start while drinking Cuban coffee and eating melted plastic turkey sausage is not healthy.” Welcome to Bottom Line.

A first day at Bottom Line Marketing isn’t your basic first day, like every other ordinary job. It was fun, exciting and unique. My jitters quickly disappeared, as everyone in the office was so welcoming. As we gathered around the conference table with our breakfast and coffee, I immediately felt I was part of a family. They quickly informed me of what a typical day at Bottom Line consist of; coming in always before 9:00am, morning meeting, possibility of mid-day dance around the office and always ensuring that we leave at the end of the day in high spirits and never angry.

I immediately thought to myself, “this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.” It did not take me long to realize that this was a great company and I was so grateful for the opportunity they presented me. It’s difficult to find a place to work, where you enjoy getting out of bed every morning and are excited about what tasks and challenges are going to happen that day.