Keepin’ It Creative in Colorado…And Florida. And Michigan. And Beyond!

October 19, 2018

To say I live in a beautifully chaotic bubble would be an understatement, but that’s where I find my calm and creativity. Creativity doesn’t always hit you during business hours. It hits in the car, on the trail, in the shower, when your 5 month old is hitting Prince-level-pitches yelling at the monkey hanging from a palm tree, and on vacation after you just promised your wife you wouldn’t work. Most importantly, at BLM, our marketing creativity really comes when we get to know our clients. Personally, I am probably most creative when I am channeling my inner Joe Thacker, Pawn Princess, Lenny Rosner or any client I am writing for (Yes, I said Princess…I’m not afraid to admit it).

There is a reason why we tell our clients on day one, “We work with people that we would have over to our home for dinner.” It’s because we want to know you, we want to care and we want to be invested in your success.

Enough creativity, here’s the real work, process part of this blog. Skip ahead if this bores you; I’ll admit, I’d probably “skim.”

Everything starts with a creative group brainstorm, from new client onboarding to coming up with our latest creative sale idea. This can happen at any time and range from a 5 second, “couldn’t hold it in any longer” shout out to a 3 hour, “this should only take 30 minutes” organized meeting. No matter what we’re doing, we continuously want to get as much information, detail and personality from a client as possible – even the stories they think make them sound immature, the details they hide from everyone else and the information they think no one cares about. We want to laugh, cry and actually feel the emotion. It can be quite draining, but always fun. Our customers have so many amazing stories to tell!

When onboarding our new clients, we ask a wide variety of questions, some very serious and some fun and borderline inappropriate. We show different styles and types of artwork and listen to every little thing being said about each, much more intently than anyone would actually believe. The information we capture fuels our brainstorming process. We develop too many ideas, talk through every possible direction, test them for consistency of message and design and then make sure people outside of the room actually like our ideas too. We search for new ways to tell your brand story with the same goal every business owner, salesman and advertiser shares: finding the best possible way to tell your story in a way that makes people want to listen and come into your store for the experience. From graphic design to media buys, one thing you will never get from Bottom Line Marketing is a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all marketing approach.

Once a brand story is developed, it’s critically important that we keep the story consistent across all forms of media and allow it to grow to continue your story. We create brand guidelines that cover every detail, from colors and fonts to messaging and styles. Our TV, radio and graphic design production teams use this as their bible to ensure everything we send out to the world is recognized and uniquely you.

So, why work with Bottom Line Marketing? I can tell you that you will never find a group of people that care more about you and your business. We make you a part of our lives. We care about your results. We never make excuses. We love finding solutions. Our team will not rest until we find the perfect message and the perfect marketing mix for you and your market. We guarantee that you will never be pushed into a package or a templated cookie cutter marketing plan, and that goes for everything from creative messaging to media buying. Lastly, we will NEVER be boring!