Keeping it “Cool” with Brick & Mortar!

November 13, 2020

Keeping it “Cool” with Brick & Mortar!

Remember a few years ago when e-commerce was “all the rage” and retail was “definitely” on its way out?! Well, look where we are now, Mom & Dad! Don’t get me wrong, brick and mortar retail has experienced a gut check. Big box retail has certainly taken major blows. However, those retailers who fought for what’s theirs, adapted with the times and gave their customers a taste of “cool” are prospering like never before…and having fun doing it!

So… What is “cool?” What does “cool” do? Are there “cool” rules?

Quick pause: Bonus bonus points if you caught that “Billy Madison” reference. If you did not, you’re probably thinking, “This guy must think he’s pretty cool.” Trust me, I am not. Hang in there with me for a minute!

What is “cool” was and is constantly changing. Wearing baggy JNCO Jeans and pretending like you didn’t care about “stuff” was considered “cool” when I began coming of age. The more I grew up, the more I found myself searching for the “cool” in nearly everyone that I had the pleasure of meeting. Over time, I learned that there is no definition. It can be anything and many things. It is meant to be redefined…Isn’t that “cool?!”

Still not sure if you’re “cool?” Think about all the possibilities of what could be “cool” about you! Are you fun, funny or insanely talented? Do you do awesome impressions or make hilarious faces?” Are you really down-to-earth, completely off this planet or a closet rocket scientist? Are you incredibly supportive of your community and the charities that keep it alive? Are you so darn nice that people just can’t help but want to be around you? Are you a nerd like me that loves to write, create and make his clients and co-workers better everyday? Do you have the you-know-whats to relentlessly put your unique self out there for the world to see?! There are infinite possibilities that make you cool!

When it comes to you and your brick and mortar business, “cool” is entirely relative, authentic and unique to you! My “coolest” clients are nothing like each other! One might dress up as superman to sell wedding bands, while another serves you at their custom in-store bar and yet another is so cool that they flat out have #NoRules. The fact is, it doesn’t really matter what “it” is. Chances are, if your business is prospering in 2020, you’re already the truest form of cool because you don’t even know it yet. Being yourself and not being afraid to share whoever and whatever that looks like with the world, is straight up frickin’ cool!

Typically, the owners of brick and mortar small businesses are the brand. You’re not a Nike or DeBeers that carries global recognition and celebrity status. You have to work your “cool” into the fabric of your business, everyday. From the way you answer your phones to your in-store experience, your social media to your video chats, your radio to your tv, your Google My Business page to your website and everything in between.

Fear not! Your customers will notice when you are “cool!” They will tell their friends why you are “cool”. They will share your “cool” posts and they will attend your “cool” events. Being “cool” will help you build your business in ways you never imagined. Gone are the days when you had to hide your “cool” to ensure that you are portrayed as the “suit-and-tie, by-the-book” professional!

At Bottom Line Marketing, we specialize in you! We help you define your “cool!” We develop custom, unique and authentically “cool” ideas and then effectively broadcast them to the world around you! We have worked with hundreds of “cool” brick and mortar stores and love sharing our experiences with you. Our team is unlike any that you have worked with before. We consider you family, we dream about your business and, in case you were wondering…WE THINK OUR CLIENTS ARE PRETTY DARN COOL!