Let’s Get Ready for the Vegas Par-Tee!

June 1, 2017

“We’ll see you in Vegas!”
“Let’s talk about that in Vegas!”
“What should we look for in Vegas?”
“Who should I see in Vegas?”
“What should I buy in Vegas?”


What happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas!

Vegas is so much more than a destination for us at Bottom Line Marketing.  It’s an exciting venue for convergence of beautiful jewelry and people.  But in the big City of Lights, the only brilliance we’re seeking is in marketing.  We have much more to focus on than slots and shows.  Clients.  Families.  Futures.  THAT’S what Vegas is to us at Bottom Line Marketing.  We can’t wait to see so many of our customers from all over the country as they congregate in one place.  We love to hear the buzz of “what’s hot” out there.  We get so excited when a client comes to our booth to tell us they just picked up a new line for their store.  We look forward to meeting with potential new clients looking to carve out niches and blossom in the midst of the challenges of being an independent retailer.  We soak up every tidbit of information we can about the industry, the products, ideas, challenges, and opportunities.  What happens in Vegas definitely does NOT stay in Vegas.  We can’t wait to share everything we’ve absorbed throughout the shows.  We’ll see YOU in Vegas!