Lily Pad’s In For The Ride And That’s The Bottom Line

September 1, 2017

I’m sitting in my college dorm room I just moved into writing this blog. I’m getting readjusted to college life and catching up with my friends. But all I can really think about is this past summer. The summer when Bottom Line Marketing’s Florida office endeared me as “the world’s greatest intern.”

I really had little to no prior knowledge of advertising and marketing, as I am pursuing a degree in Communication Studies and Spanish. It just so happened that I kind of forced my way into this internship. You see, one of the BLM partners, Kendall and I play tennis together. When I found out what she did for a living, I immediately said to her, “Hire me, I need an internship!” The rest is history and a life altering blessing.

My first two days weren’t as bad as I dreaded them to be. I set up my email, created a Skype, got to know some of my co-workers in the other BLM offices, and got to sit down and talk with my awesome possum co-workers Jessie and Gus. Oh! I also forgot to mention I was so scared of Chad when I met him before I started working at BLM! But he and Maryanne are so nice, funny and chill (millennial lingo), like one of those Rosner’s refrigerators.

I love BLM. I really do. But prank calling me and sounding like an angry man on the phone was probably the worst possible way to train me and make me more comfortable with answering the phone. Aside from that, going on social crawls, helping with social posts, working with Photoshop, blogging, even the *insert expletive here* work, was as magical as it could be.

It was very clear early on, that BLM was the ideal workplace for me! I never knew a place like this existed! BLM is basically a real-life company that I couldn’t even construct in my dreams. Our office is family. The closeness, friendship and love? Those are all real. The high neuroticism? Totally real. The amount of work I learned about and saw put into each and every day from people in all of our offices? Left me with respect, admiration and, to be honest, speechless.

All that being said, there’s no other company I would have rather interned for than Bottom Line Marketing. Additionally, there’s no other time I’ve ever eaten so much McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts in my life. And I wouldn’t want to be couch somersaulting, planking, wall sitting, dry happy houring, singing, dancing, laughing and loving on any other office than Bottom Line Florida.

I’ve learned more this summer about advertising, media, and all the work that goes into it than I ever thought I would learn. But my biggest takeaway from this summer, is that if the environment is right, success will follow. Everyone at BLM contributes to creating a positive environment, so that everyone has the capability to pursue their passion and allow Bottom Line to do great things for their clients and each other. I’m so excited to continue working with this great company and these amazing people. Thanks for putting up with my derpy self, everyone! Lily Pad is now in for the ride and that’s the bottom line.