Making All Your Social Dreams Come True

October 6, 2021

Making All Your Social Dreams Come True

When you’re a social media coordinator, you eat, sleep and breathe social media. Work is with you everywhere you go because it lives on almost every app on your cell phone. Social media is here to stay, and its ever-changing trends and content will continue to impact us exponentially. How to tame the beast of social media you ask? That’s the question I ask myself daily! Below are some simple rules to make your social dreams a reality.

Rule #1: Social media is everywhere, and no profile is the same. Each brand has the power to make an impact, big or small. Every strategy can be tailored to a unique voice, photo, video, story, or more. The days of assuming “Oh, my customer isn’t on social media” are over.

Rule #2: Your phone isn’t listening to you… Well, not how you may think! That Instagram ad you got after thinking about those shoes you wanted? Social media gives us a powerful tool to hyper-target consumers like never before. If you aren’t using it, you’re losing it.

Rule #3: Try to keep up. Social media is constantly growing and changing. Trends and platforms come and go, and staying up to date on what your customers want to see will give you the edge in any market. A click can turn into a sale faster than you can say, “Oh, I’d buy that”.

Rule #4: Have fun! As challenging as social media may be, the biggest rule is to keep it FUN! A good social media page inspires laughter, creativity, and positivity. Most of all, it makes you want more. Put the effort and time into your social media, and every customer will be clicking the little “Follow” button.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, I challenge you to take these rules to the next level. Social media isn’t going anywhere, and starting now can put you ahead tomorrow. Who knows, maybe you’ll be dreaming of social media just like me!