My Favorite Projects Since Starting at BLM

October 26, 2018

Since starting at Bottom Line Marketing this past March, I’ve worked on who knows how many design projects. But there are a few that I absolutely loved working on and being a part of. Here is a list of my top 4 favorite projects I’ve worked on in no particular order.

The first one would be my very first project I worked on as a BLM Graphic Designer, which were social graphics for Preferred Jewelers International. What I loved about it, was that it was my first glimpse into the world of designing for jewelry and all the working parts that go into it, even if it wasn’t that in depth of a project. Even now, I still love doing these graphics.

The second would be Sam’s Fine Jewelry, “Say it with love rollout.” The reason why this is one of my favorites would be because of the colors in the photos that were used. They were very beautiful muted colors of nature, Greens, browns, blues. Pair that with elegant fonts and you get something very delicate and gorgeous and organic looking.

Third would be a Black Friday Mailer that I recently created for Kiefer’s Fine Jewelry. I loved working on this because I was able to get creative and design two different front pages for them. This allowed me to go into two very different directions for this and this also allowed them to choose which one they liked the most for their store.

My fourth favorite project since starting here would have to be Crocker’s Bridal Event. This was given to me very early into starting and what a challenge it was. There were several graphics that I had to roll out starting without an offer and then I was given the task to add an offer. At this point things got confusing and I was getting frustrated but I got through it and came out triumphant at the end and learned one of the most important things, which is how to make diamonds sparkle in photoshop and boy, am I good at it now.

Ask me what my favorite projects are once fourth quarter is over and I’m sure this list will be different with all the amazing graphics myself and my awesome are putting out for our clients. So if you’re reading this and have been thinking of becoming one of our clients, remember all the amazing things the BLM Design Team can do to make your business thrive.