My First Month at Bottom Line

July 13, 2018

picture of victoria our social media manager

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, plus a social media overreaction.

Hey, my name is Victoria and I am the new Social Media Manager at BLM. I have completed my first two months in the Florida office and let me tell you, it has been the most interesting two months …

I was told in my interview that someone once called the FL office a cult because they hung out all the time. In my opinion, enjoying the people you work with so much that you want to hang out after work hours makes going to work every day that much better.

I have had breakfast made for me, witnessed bickering, learned WAY too much about everyone’s poop schedule and had many alcoholic beverages since starting at BLM and although I just started a few months ago, I have been welcomed with open arms into (forced to join) this nutty family.

We begin our work day like any other office, with a morning meeting. During this meeting we discuss our “to dos” for the day; with plenty of interruptions from Sir Charles Corgington (Gus’s new puppy). Once we have finished our quick (45 minute) morning meeting we depart to take on our individual list of daily tasks.

Around 11:30am the lunch conversation begins. I never realized how serious lunch is till I started at BLM. Food is LIFE here and if the office does not get fed promptly at noon, then people start getting very agitated. During lunch we gossip and talk about our weekend plans, until we realize an hour has already passed.

Although throughout the rest of the day there are many distractions (dance parties, Charlie pooping on Rachel’s rug and so many snack breaks), we always seem to finish our to do lists from the morning meeting.

Now you may think “What the hell is going on in that office?” but I have learned in my first two months that although we get a lot of shit done, we have fun while doing it and I have enjoyed becoming a part of this “cult.” I cannot wait to see what this amazing ever-growing company will get into next.

Here’s the Bottom Line. Why should you choose the #BLMLife?

Hiring BLM is like adopting an extended family. We will be here for you through thick and thin. Never will you find an agency that will care so much about your business as this team does. We are dedicated to not only making sure your advertising succeeds but making sure your business runs smoothly as well. We cannot wait to welcome you to the family. Contact us today!