My First Year at BLM

June 26, 2020

*Phone Rings*

“Thank you for calling Bottom Line Marketing, how may I help you?”
“Hey, can I talk to Kendall?”
“May I ask who’s calling?”
“It’s Jackie!”
“Can I ask what this is in reference to?”
“My name is Jackie…I’m one of the partners of the company…”

Definitely not the best start to your first job straight out of college. Coming into this job, I didn’t know what to expect. I had never been in a business setting before, and all I knew was how it was in the movies. Scary bosses and asshole coworkers…I feared the worst!

All I can say is boy, was I wrong.

My first year at Bottom Line Marketing has been one of the best years of my life! This company has opened their arms and treated me like family from my very first day…even while slightly bullying one of the partners of the company!

Before I started, my sister told me stories about the crazy group of people she worked with that were referenced to as a cult once. I honestly could see why someone said this; we kind of are a cult, but in the best way possible!

We start every morning with a quick catch-up and coffee in the media pit (with the occasional donut when Kendall goes to Jupiter Donuts!) Then, we break off into our different departments and start the day. Around 11:30, we all decide what to get for lunch together via Skype. Lunch is serious business around here, and if you bring your lunch it is sometimes considered treason (aka Jeff gets pissed). The rest of the day is a blur of meetings, calls, and working together to get our list of to-dos completed for our clients with the occasional snack break (thanks for the pickles Nat & Jessie!)

I have learned an absurd amount in my short time here. From starting as a Social Coordinator and learning all things social media from my sister, to growing into my new role as a Digital Strategist, and everything else (there’s a lot) in between. I’ve learned how to properly manage a client’s social media account, boost their content to get reach, set up an SEM campaign, traffic graphics, confirm budgets, and recently started to manage the retargeting department. While learning all these amazing new skills, I have never felt uneasy because there was always someone there to have my back (thanks Juju)! The training may be fast paced here at BLM, but you are never left out in the cold. It’s truly like a family.

At a glance, you may think these have been my only two roles while at Bottom Line (you would be wrong). In reality, I’ve become a man of many talents while working here. I’ve become a professional phone operator, the BLM Florida handyman, a part time dog watcher, a member of the renowned Fish Tank Committee (thanks Gus for tricking me into that one), breast milk runner, and many other things. I would not change my decision to come work with my sister and become a part of this crazy, close-nit office family.

Here’s the Bottom Line – working with BLM is like adopting an extended family and the opportunities are endless. Through these unusual times, there’s no company that will be a better partner to help you through the ups and the downs. I’m looking forward to finishing this year off strong as I take over more services and tasks as a Digital Strategist.
BLM Florida Handyman out! *Mic drop*