My Time at Bottom Line: Sophie Healey

December 6, 2019

My time at Bottom Line Marketing has certainly been unique.

Between the 5 dogs, 2 babies, dozens of team lunches and countless Starbucks runs, it has been one heck of an experience. After being a student for about 20 years, it is safe to say I was a first timer in an office setting. Being in an office everyday as well as being a part of a team is a huge change for me. As much as I have learned about advertising, blogging, influencers and client relations, I have learned a lot more about spending all day, 5 days a week with a group of crazy (yet amazing) people! Keeping up with the company Skype is a hard-enough task before factoring in my actual job, which on my favorite days also includes playing with baby Grace (or borrowing and not returning…)

Every new day here introduces me to something different, whether it be sending e-blasts, writing blogs, sitting in meetings, or other more interesting tasks like assembling office chairs, running errands and of course, getting bullied for being British (and for having that pesky master’s degree).

I will share with you some of the most important lessons learned from my time here:

Coffee is your best friend, the vending machine (from the 1960’s) was a terrible investment, never let your coworkers bamboozle you into investing (I’m talking to you Gus), and lunchtime is no joke! Today for example, Kendall provided a team lunch (and cake) that would have fed at least 50 people… but not to worry, the 17 people in our office are no quitters (which is probably why they are also so good at their jobs).

I had no idea what I had signed up for when I walked in here my first day. I didn’t know I would laugh so hard my stomach would hurt, I didn’t know the “BLM 15” was just as real as the Freshman 15 (please refer to the amount of times food is mentioned in this blog) and I certainly didn’t know 4 months later it would be so hard to leave!

So here I am, on my last day thankful that I had the opportunity to work with this crazy yet amazing team.

Thanks for the experience BLM. It was truly unforgettable.