Namasté on Vacation Forever!

July 14, 2017

I’m sitting in Delta’s Sky Club in Detroit awaiting my final flight to Ft. Lauderdale after nearly a two-week international vacation with my mom and sister to celebrate our mother’s “early” 60th birthday present. Even though I’m now pushing 25 hours of no sleep, I feel an immediate sense of joy & gladness – and maybe a little sorrow this fabulous vacation had to end. (Side note: There is a 7PM flight to Paris… any takers?)

The two days prior to our vacation my office would agree I was a bit of a head case. In almost 6 years at Bottom Line, I’ve never left the business for longer than a week, yet alone with one of my partners; Jackie, and Annette who handles a lot of internal happenings in our company.

I made lists for my office, checked them twice, called all my customers, and if you know me even a little, completely over prepared for my vacation, because well, it’s what I do.

I watched BLM run from the outside without me. I didn’t respond to emails, sent very few texts and had not one emergency. Oh, I’m sure there were fires and I’m sure once Gus and Jessie read this blog they will demand that I allow them to video me hailing their entire existence because of the work done while I was away, my point is: Thank you Bottom Line, a HUGE thank you to my husband Chad who jumped into account management with a smile, thank you clients, thank you from the bottom of my very healed heart.

You allowed me to breathe in the Balinese air, Surf the Indian Ocean, Downward Dog with one of the world’s greatest Yogis, Make Hindi friends, walk 20 miles in 48 hours through the streets of Shanghai all while laughing more than I have ever laughed in my entire life with the two people who know me best and love me anyway.

I didn’t realize how bad I needed a break until I let the surf heal the wounds my soul has been holding onto the past year. I deeply breathed in and out at Yoga only to learn how tight and tense my muscles really are, likely a result from sitting on an office chair 12 hours a day. (Side note: Must start stretching)

Thank you again to my team & customers who supported this trip from Day 1. I hope and pray I bring home the balanced, easy-breezy-version of myself who forgives just a little bit easier and breathes deeper.

Namaste’ on vacation forever. Just kidding, I’ll be in the office tomorrow.