Never Boring!

July 21, 2016

red lobster

During my Bottom Line Marketing interview in a Red Lobster (yep, I was interviewed at Red Lobster), Chris Brooks made me one promise. He promised me that I would NEVER BE BORED. Now, 5 ½ years later, there are days I wish he wasn’t so true to his word. At work, I’ve been happy, overwhelmed, excited and pissed as hell, but I have never, ever been bored.

vardi poop emoji advertisement

At first I wasn’t bored because I was learning everything I could. My response to everything was “No problem.” and in my head I thought, “Dear God, I hope I can figure that out.” Now as the creative director and lead graphic designer, the day to day technical things are easier and I spend much less time googling, but I never quit pushing.

It’s the Bottom Line mission to come up with something new, funny eye catching and, of course, not boring. So whether I’m inspired by something I see on Pinterest or think of an idea right before I fall asleep, I spend my time creating ads that catch the eye, grab an ear and get people talking. (This year the design team fulfilled a lifelong dream by creating an ad with a poop emoji. Who else gets to do that at their job?!)

So if you join the Bottom Line family and are really willing to go all in, I’ll make you one promise. You and your customers will never be bored. Your ads will not blend in. Your voice will be heard and remembered. Because here at Bottom Line Marketing, we don’t do boring.