Nine Years of Memories

October 4, 2019

I am one of the original Bottom Feeders at Bottom Line Marketing. I started about nine years ago when there were only four of us crammed into a basement in Escanaba, MI. Now there are over forty people in the company spanned across three offices, and we maintain a reputation in the industry of which we are very proud. During my first interview, I told founder Chris Brooks that I was looking for a job that would push me. I was looking for a job where I wouldn’t get bored and that every day would be different… and boy, I have found that to be the truth! Time has flown by as not one day has been the same over the past nine years. Now I am celebrating nine years with BLM, and here are nine milestones of significance.

9. Ojibwa Casino: The Ojibwa Casino’s, “Happy Dance” campaign was my first big campaign concept brought to life. I can still remember driving past their billboard in Marquette and thinking to myself, “Wow! I can’t believe I made that!”

8. Bell Hospital: A commercial for Bell Hospital called, “I’m One” regarding breast cancer, is one of the first and only commercials that I’ve written while at Bottom Line. Writing a commercial with such a powerful and important message was very inspiring. Watching my commercial come to life was even more awesome.

7. Yelton Fine Jewelers: My first design project for Yelton was for their 2013 Panic Party. I distinctly remember working on the mock-ups for the poster and questioning whether I would ever get it right. One (or five) redesigns later, I’d learned a lot about the importance of being persistent, earning a client’s trust, and truly taking the time to learn their brand. Today, Yelton is one of my favorite clients to work on and has a design style that I can recognize at a glance.

6. Diamond District: After working with Bottom Line on a few Roman + Jules projects, Diamond District came on board as a design client. The fact that they recognized our creativity and started with us because they loved the creative we were doing has made them an amazing client with whom we work. They are always up for a fun creative idea!

5. Neptune Society: Yearly, Neptune allows us to unleash our creativity by submitting a design for an award. Being able to think outside of the “wooden box” helps me remember why I love working in marketing. Brainstorming with a team is some of the most fun you can ever have at work!

4. Summit Materials: It’s not every day I get out from behind my computer. However, when I do I have an amazing time. Last year, I was able to go on location for three photoshoots for Summit Materials. Each shoot had its own challenges but truly allowed me to have complete creative control of their annual report.

3. Sofer Jewelry: This is the first jewelry client I had ever worked with. Over the years, I’ve had so much fun with their designs and brainstorming new campaign ideas. I think their, “Get Noticed” campaign was one of my favorites for which I have created graphics. Has your boss ever asked you to, “Find a more attractive aardvark?” Mine has.

2. Mighty Pet: This small town pet store has a HUGE place in my heart. The owners are amazing people who give back to their community at every opportunity. Every time I work on their projects I am reminded of how important locally owned businesses are to their communities, and how important marketing can be in keeping local businesses open.

1. Roman + Jules: This is the first brand that I helped build, and it is truly my first Bottom Line baby. The owners let us have so much creative control! The Bottom Line team was involved in everything from naming the brand to creating their iconic look and feel. When the line started to get picked up by jewelers, I’m pretty sure I did a happy dance.

Thanks for taking this stroll down memory lane with me! I’d like to express an even bigger thank you to all the clients who have helped me create truly amazing memories over the last nine years!